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Motivational and Inspirational Poems

daily inspiration and motivation


Motivational and Inspirational Poems


There are few more emotionally cleansing, yet inspirationally enriching activities than writing. Whether fiction or non, narrative or prose, long or short, the written word is the gateway to perspective... to reason... to the answers within.

My mother's passing a few years ago is by far the most horrific, emotionally draining event that I have ever experienced. A more personally devastating event I can't even begin to image. And in my disillusioned, angry and rebellious state of mind that first week, I searched for answers... for a reason to go on... for something to alleviate the pain. What I didn't know was that composing the program for my mother's funeral services would provide that opportunity. It was when I compiled the following for the back of the program that the stage was set for the healing to begin;

None of us knows the volume of sand remaining in the hourglass of our lives... Now more than ever she teaches us to appreciate time... Now more than ever she teaches us to appreciate the people we spend it with... I urge you to seek out your loved ones, hug them, and let them know how much you care. God Bless...

This page is dedicated to the spirit of questioning, contemplating, growing, healing - the spirit of believing. So take a look at the offerings here, then see where your creative juices take you. Believe me, we speak from experience when we say - you'll never know what you can do until you trade in all excuses for pen and paper.

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1 - Motivation and Inspiration


Begin Anew... the SomethingToShare signature passage, a daily affirmation

Each Day... regaining perspective

Behind A Smile... getting in the habit

The Spark... the unique fire within

Morning... decisions for a new day

Thank You... a lifetime of gratitude

Simple Acts Of Kindness... making things better one deed at a time


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2 - Faith And Spirituality


God's Favorite Bouquet... special in his eyes

My Prayer... a pledge of faith


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3 - Death, Loss And Grief


Another Tear... the right to hurt

Forever My Child... with you always

To Mum... carrying on without her

Too Young To Go... nineteen years young

Forever By My Side... a sister's love

Falling Without Notice... when the call comes

Our Fallen Angels... lost in conflict

I Know... still with you

The Fringe... a dying perspective

The Final Ride... taken too soon

The Life And Death Of Tiger... like family

Weeping Willow's Tale... missing him

To Love Someone... until he sees her

Mr. Death, Why This Cruelty... indiscriminate loss

The Garden... grateful while you have them

It's Not Always Better Late Than Never... don't be too late

Baby... a short life not forgotten


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4 - A Little Perspective


Scars That Last... lingering pain from the past

Everything Fades... a sad look

I Am So Blessed... being grateful

Life... simply put

In The Darkness... one step at a time

If People Didn't Judge... what could be

I Wonder... pondering possibilities

Touching Again... life experiences

Wandering... on behalf of the youth

Pen To Paper... protected memories

Look In The Mirror... facing time

Things Lost... dwindling intangibles


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5 - Family


Wipe The Tears From Her Eyes... guarding her innocence

Two Blessings... finding family

Momma... I Love You... a son's reflection

Who Are You To Judge Me... unearned latitude

You Missed It All... a father's lost opportunity

I Am Mom... a mother's declaration


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6 - Friendship And Relationships


Sometimes... ... love just happens

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not... as relationships go

Sorry... before the door closes

This I Would Be... a tribute to friendship

Crazy... no more excuses

Remember... what got us here

A Beautiful Day In Spring... a life together


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Motivational and Inspirational Poems
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