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Two Blessings

Author: Andy, 10/02


His eyes they shine so brightly.
His smile, it lights the world.
He has made us whole (and that so sprightly!).
We are proud, like a flag unfurled.

We need no secret arts
to see the love upon his face.
He has crawled into our hearts
And filled an empty place.

Who is this Heaven-sent little boy,
a Third who joined Two to make One?
He's our song and he's our joy.
He's Yohanan our son.

The circle has now expanded. Our family? It has grown.
He has come to join us and call our home his own.
This precious little boy, whose eyes shine like the sun,
has not turned Three to Four but has made a bigger One.

A source of light, so full of love,
he makes our hearts to soar,
Truly a blessing from above,
Our son and brother named Naor.


The first three verses were written after we adopted our first son and the next two after we adopted our second.





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