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Remembrance Journal
words of comfort for death | sympathy inspirational gifts

Support for Loss & Grief



Presenting just the right words of comfort for death -

The SomethingToShare Remembrance Journal

A unique, insightful and empowering healing tool with the capability to make a significant impact for those endeavoring to cope with loss.

Dealing With the Ultimate
Outcome of Every Life:

Insight, Faith & Perspective to Help See You Through



What is there to say?

Ever had to live through the pain and heartache of losing someone you truly loved? There's no agony... no feelings of disillusionment, loss and loneliness that compares with the devastation of such a loss. No rhyme or reason, no answers or justification why... Just like that, your loved one is no more. Just like that your life can never be the same.

Unequipped to address the resulting alienation, anger, loneliness and uncertainty, the response too often is to bury one's feelings… to try to return to some semblance of 'normal'. The only problem is normal as we knew it can, and will, never be the same.

words of comfort for death, sympathy inspirational gifts, right words to express sympathy
Our SomethingToShare Remembrance Journal provides words of comfort for death

This STS Journal, Dealing With the Ultimate Outcome of Every Life: Insight, Faith & Perspective to Help See You Through, offers invaluable perspective, solace, spiritual insight and constructive avenues of expression - while reassuring the reader he or she is by no means alone. Included within are;

  • a helpful "Dos and Don'ts" listing to better navigate the challenging and uncertain choices and behaviors following a painful loss
  • inspirational life stories and passages that offer uplifting perspective, direction, spiritual enrichment and the empowerment to begin to see a brighter day
  • uniquely insightful exercises to best reflect, embody and commemorate a truly worthy life, and inspiring spirit that most certainly deserves to live on



A great way to pay tribute

The SomethingToShare Remembrance Journal is designed to be dedicated specifically to a loved one lost - with a special dedication page and work pages to compile the many experiences, memories and insights that made your loved one such an incredible and unforgettable force in your life. Exercises include recounting the best time the two of you ever shared and notable behaviors, characteristics and traits he or she had that you wish to adopt within your life.

So, go ahead... Take the time to remember and recount your fondest memories and deepest appreciation. And they will forever be right there in your Remembrance Journal for safe keeping... to offer ready inspiration, admiration and warm memories for years to come.


The perfect sympathy inspirational gifts...

Know someone in need? Know anyone struggling to cope with an impactful and/or devastating loss? Know someone who potentially doesn't even realize they need help figuring out how to cope? Perhaps you know someone who is searching for answers and perspective that continues to elude him or her. And perhaps that search for answers extends also to other family members and/or friends. The STS Remembrance Journal can be just the tool that helps to foster the emergence of much needed new perspective... and brighter days.


Uniquely touching and personal

Dealing With The Ultimate Outcome of Every Life is designed to be dedicated to a loved one lost, with a dedication page and work pages to compile the memories and insights that made him or her such an unforgettable force. At merely $4.50, the thirty-plus pages of inspired content and exercises will deliver solace, perspective and spiritual renewal.


Just the right words to express sympathy...

Through the unfortunate loss of life, in time, there is perspective, insight, wisdom and greater purpose to be gained. There are life-affirming blessings and memories to be honored... And there is the STS Remembrance Journal to help you remember.



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STS Remembrance Journal: words of comfort for death - sympathy inspirational gifts

Title: Dealing With the Ultimate Outcome of Every Life:
  Insight, Faith & Perspective to Help See You Through
Author: D Anthony
© Copyright - 2010, D Anthony, D-Rose Impressions
Genre: Spiritual Enrichment / Inspirational
Pages: 31
Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Cover: full color cover printed on 10pt C1S with gloss film lamination
Paper: 60# white smooth offset
Price: $4.50

Just the right words to express sympathy







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SomethingToShare.com Feedback: We Thank You...

What Our Extended Family Is Saying... >>> Absolutely fabulous site! So inspirational and uplifting... I could stay on this site for hours. Love it!!! Thank you for sharing. >>> I read a few passages and left one - for that, I feel a little warmer inside and better about my situation with clinical depression. Thank you! >>> I think this is a great place to share, and give, in a moment of sadness and joy. I felt good sharing my poem with so many who visit this site! >>> ...It is apparant to me that life is about learning to love one another, unconditionly - regardless of colour, race or creed. When we all realise this we can all start all over and build ourselves a new World... >>> I thought they were really touching and heartfelt. I am going through a depression period over the loss of my grandmother. Your poems gave me a little closure and insight into my life. Thank you. >>> I love it! Very beautiful and it made me cry. >>> I thought this site was realy helpful. It even inspired me to submit some of the things I had wrote myself... a thing I have never done because I do not think that it is very good. But if I feel bad and it gives me a lift... it may do the same for others... I hope. >>> Having someone share inspirational stories with me has helped me in more ways than anyone can ever imagine. I have a mental illness and this is the only thing that keeps me from letting go. >>> "Love is like water. If it doesn't flow, it stagnates" Author: Deepak Chopra ... Thanks for "flowing". >>> I come to your site everyday to always find something that helps me through my days... God bless you. >>> Like the rain that arrived today to help relieve the drought, the inspirational quotes on the site revive my spirit. >>> The poems and passages are a blessing to me, thank you and thank God you are a willing vessel to be used to help others with your inspirational web site.


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