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"The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me... Once: Stories and Perspectives to Help You Unlock Your Amazing Potential"



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What the Book Is...
And How It Can Help You

Related in a very much unconventional style – "The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me… Once" is absolutely loaded with easy to digest, inspiring, motivating and encouraging gems of wisdom. Equally insightful is the manner in which the engaging life stories, poems, maxims and missions are enlisted to shed a revealing light on many of our long held limiting thoughts, paradigms and psychological crutches – freeing the reader up to begin to foster new opportunistically inspired attitudes and behaviors for an enthusiastic and purposeful new you.

Chapters such as 'Born To Lead', 'Perspective, It's Here Somewhere', ‘Playing With Passion’, 'Eventually, Death Visits Us All' and 'And Faith Ensues', provide the underlying structure for the wonderfully reflective, stimulating and uplifting collection of stories and perspectives shared in The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me... Once. Individually, the stories and perspectives will take you on a mental, spiritual and emotional journey – sometimes touching you, sometimes challenging you, sometimes daring you to believe. However, when considered with an open heart and mind collectively, the stories and perspectives can comprise a powerful and invaluable tool;

  • for permanently lifting your spirits
  • for dismantling toxic and limiting thoughts
  • for effectively surpassing life's inevitable setbacks
  • for enduring the pain of losing a loved one
  • for fortifying your spirituality and faith
  • for beginning to find intended purpose
  • for empowerment of your aspirations and dreams
  • for better appreciating the relevance of the past
  • for buying in to the concept of an ever better you
  • for learning to more fully and eagerly enjoy life
  • for helping true happiness and fulfillment to reign

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motivational and inspirational book

Why This Motivational and
Inspirational Book?

For starters, it should be noted that "The Nurse in the Delivery Slapped Me… Once: Stories and Perspectives to Help Unlock Your Amazing Potential" is by no means your typical heartwarming, feel-good, believe-it-and-you-can-achieve-it inspirational book. In fact, it’s not a feel-good book at all. Instead it is a frank consideration of common behaviors, paradigms, limiting mindsets and often times self-imposed constraints that prevent us from maximizing our potential, happiness and fulfillment in life – and some of the available decision points, new perspectives and actions that can be employed to begin to drive change.

The book is as much challenging and motivational as it is inspirational. Topics ranging from enhancing potential of success to weathering life’s inevitable storms… from living each day with purpose to appreciating the people and many blessings that positively influence our lives… from how we can be more passionate and spiritually grounded each day to being cognitive that our days will, one day, end… from having faith in ourselves to having faith in the Almighty – are all related via life-lessons oriented stories, poems and maxims.
Or, as the book’s Introduction more succinctly offers;

This is a book of potential, faith, purpose, hopes and dreams. This is a book about the importance of time, the power of choice, growth, toughening up and having a heart, commitment, passion, and inspiration. This is a book that considers the ups and downs, life, and death – and what it all means. More than anything however, this is a book that considers a journey’s impact, a life-long quest for meaning, happiness and fulfillment, and the resulting stories, perspectives, and lessons that I have collected along the way.


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However Don't Just Take Our Word For It!
Look What Book Reviewers Have Said...

Womensselfesteem.com highly recommends, "The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me.. Once" as an insightful and empowering very well written read. It has positive direction and the messages that D Anthony shares with his readers are clear and very transforming. You cannot help but feel driven towards a stronger commitment towards a more fulfilled and purposeful life. - Womensselfesteem.com

"The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me...Once" is a conversational presentation that is easy to read, easy to understand, easy to put into practice. A nice present for yourself. Or a great gift for someone who considers you to be important to his or her life. - Bookreview.com

This book taught me how to make simple changes in my reactions to the blows life hands me, and how to adjust my attitude so that I could learn from them and "make a difference" ... not only in my own life but in the lives of my friends and family and all those with whom I come in contact. - Amazon.com Reviewer

Anthony doesn’t just file away bits of insight whenever he happens upon them; he seeks them out, initiating conversations with other people about life and their own experiences and outlook. In this collection of short essays, the author shares these ideas and stories and what they have meant to him, in hopes that they will inspire others. - Kirkus Discoveries

It is a little of everything, wisdom, lessons, guidance, insight and spiritual enrichment. It is meant to be read over, to sit down for a quiet moment of inspiration, to grasp new meaning or to refresh your thoughts. - Amazon.com Reviewer

There are hundreds of books devoted to spiritual enrichment that are often quite dull usually digressing with a great deal of repetition and "mumbo jumbo." What sets D Anthony apart is his snappy, entertaining prose style, bolstered by his poetry and sincere guidance. - Bookpleasures.com

By writing the book in this easy-to-read format, Anthony has made it simple for the reader to explore their passions, emerge victorious from their sorrows, and find the winner within. If you are looking to improve the way you view and do things in your life, this is a book worth reading. - Amazon.com Reviewer

I have wanted to provide my feedback on this for a while now but words just do not express the feeling I received while reading this book. I didn't want it to end. I started reading this book while going through the most difficult time of my life. This book has taught me to invest in myself and to be my own best cheerleader. - Review Posted at Book Website, STSTheBook.com

Stimulating challenges and perceptive questions help shed new light on preconceived conclusions, limiting thoughts, and paradigms helping the reader cultivate new attitudes of behavior and a more purpose-filled life. Anthony's observations and writing becomes a conduit for implementing important changes in mindsets, attitudes, and perceptions.Readerviews.com

Sometimes, the best thing you can say introducing a new book is “this book just needed to be written.” I can think of no other way to describe “The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me... Once: Stories and Perspectives to You Help Unlock Your Amazing Potential”.Lewis Timberlake, Motivational Speaker and Author


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And, Last But Not Least -
A Sampling of Readers' Insights and Impacts
Fostered by the Book...

"I’d like to share this thought.  If you would like to brighten your day and lighten your emotional load then this is the book for you.  If you need to be motivated to do the things that you keep telling yourself that one day you will do, that this book is for you."

"Having recently lost my father, I connected emotionally to his feelings dealing with his mother's home going. Although you can never really commit to words what is being experienced at that moment, D Anthony expressed clearly what I was dealing with and helped me through this difficult period."

"I now realize how easy it is to remove negative situations and people from my life and not feel like I have to fix it."

"Born To Lead is my favorite maxim in the book.  The portion where it talks of being unable to achieve our destiny unless we possess the desire, will, and fortitude to discover and chart our own course.  This was most powerful because I have to remind myself that I have to define who you are, forge your path, and believe in yourself to achieve anything of significance."

"The SomethingToShare Daily Affirmation. I read this every night and it puts things in perspective. It reminds me to take time to enjoy the small things, and enjoy each day, to be the best person I can be."

"As a matter of fact, depending on what I am going though, I can read the same passage over and over again and get something totally different out of it each time."

"All my relatives are getting a copy for Christmas this year."

"I recently enrolled in an art course and also piano class. These were two of the most important activities to me when I was growing up and lost interest when life happened. But thanks to the book, I have made the conscious effort to and succeeded in rekindling my passions for the pure love of it."

"I think that many times we have opportunities to see and experience things like a soft wind, or a rainbow and we just don’t take the time to stop and enjoy these special gifts.  This story made me think of these things and now when I’m caught by surprise by one of these special “gifts” I try to take the time to enjoy them."

"This book has revitalized my enthusiasm and passion for life.  It has reminded me that it is perfectly fine to maintain a comfortable level of individuality and to blaze a trail and chase a dream that I  believe in even when it is seen by others as foolish."

"Now when I have a weekend, I set aside time for fun things, and I try to laugh at least once a day."

"How much a positive attitude can change your life…look at the glass half full instead of half empty.  I thought I was always good at that but I do find myself sometimes getting negative.  Now I say to myself, “don’t go there” and I consciously change the direction of my thoughts.  I never knew I could do that.  Before I would just let my emotions take control of my thoughts.  I never knew I could take over the energy of my thoughts.  I know it sounds like a simple thing but if you never knew this before, no matter how old you are, it is huge!!!"

"People who have lost their compass and are spinning in place should embrace the simple but powerful principles of this book in order to get them on the path of enjoying life again."

"The Chapter “No Laughing Matter” was one of the most insightful for me. It made me realize how often we guard ourselves from feeling small pleasures in our every day life and just letting go to enjoy the feeling and to open up and trust someone wholeheartedly. Thank you for showing me that it’s “okay” to just let go sometimes."

"People in need of practical anecdotes to help them overcome the negative undertow of our society and the everyday grind will find this book uplifting, inspirational, and extremely practical."

"In my opinion, the real message behind this book is one of inspiration to get the most out of life.  To take a moment and enjoy and appreciate the experiences and opportunities that life offers us.  Too many times today we are in a hurry.  This book has motivated me to stop and enjoy the moments of my life more."

"Every evening about an hour before bedtime, I go to my guest room and read one of the stories in the book - then do my relaxation exercises and write in my journal. This helps me relax and get a better night's sleep."

"It has made me more conscious of making “me” a priority.  I now do at least one thing a day for me!!!  Wow, you wouldn’t believe the difference this has made in my life."

"I just found this book to be very uplifting at a time in my life when I started to doubt many things."

"The book is actually more of a tool for me. I have it on the side of my desk. When I get 5 free minutes, or when I am so overwhelmed that I cannot think, I grab it and read an excerpt."

"This book has absolutely rekindled an aspiration of mine from many years ago.  I have always wanted to write a children’s book and thanks to this book, I have started to make that dream come true.  I can’t believe it!"

"I am inspired to help those less fortunate than I. I am researching opportunities available to me."

"Winners and Losers motivates me because I find myself fighting to pull away from the negative thought processes we are taught starting form birth.  What I find to be harder is to battle all of the negative influence pursuing my children on a moment to moment basis."

"Nature was our schedule and we truly were forced to have a 'Moken' vacation.  It was the best blessing we could have ever received. To quote the book... Whenever feasible, especially on weekends and vacation days, we must endeavor to simply enjoy ourselves, our life, nature, and the people around us.”

"The most important lesson that this book has re-enforced for me is to incorporate time to enjoy life in to my every day schedule.  To make it as important in my day as my work schedule and my health."

"As we get older, we begin to lose those that we love. “The Garden” has inspired me to find a way to get my aging parents to come to visit me for a month."

"To me almost everyone could find something in your book to help them, a need for hope, truth, insight into themselves or even to just be quiet and listen sometime."

"Tessie Tate – She walked to the beat of her own drum – I like that in a person – this was my favorite part of the book – She showed me not to be afraid to take a chance on life, your thoughts and ideas."

"I think the book has a consistent message about self.  I find a repeated theme in the stories that basically indicates that it’s really an individual's choice as to how he or she feels and perceives what is going on in a situation."

"Live life free and do not take life for granted."


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