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It just sorta happens doesn't it... even when there's nothing special about the incident or day? Often times, more cumulative effect, it's not attributable to a single cause. Whatever the drivers, the end result is the same. You find yourself in the early stages of feeling out of sync and alone, feeling that life's prospects don't offer a lot of hope, sensing that none of life's ventures seem to be headed for success.


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One Step Back, Two Steps Forward ... (a better tomorrow)

Has a negative circumstance ever entered your otherwise happy and content world? Whether deed or happenstance, has that negativity ever left you feeling drained... frustrated... asking "why me"? And when you felt that way, did those feelings go unresolved? < More >

Kiana ... (better than perfect)

I was six months pregnant and fell off a step stool. It was only two small steps from the floor, so I thought… No Big Deal. When I got to the hospital, I was four centimeters dilated and was admitted for observation for two days. On the second day, my water broke and I was put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy in the High Risk Unit. < More >


Chasing Rainbows ... (a new outlook)

A few years back, after a long work week and a rain drenching storm, I found myself stuck in heavy traffic… going no where fast. Although there was a chance I would be late for an appointment, I realized that getting irritated wouldn't serve a purpose - or get me there sooner. It was in that frame of mind that I saw it. < More >

What Have I Learned ... (analyzing a life)

The question has been posed with the expectation of an answer - What have you learned from life? This question has been asked by a good friend and requires a thoughtful response. As I ponder the gravity of this question, I realize that a life is the summation of the people we encounter and our experiences involving those people. In recognizing this, I have formulated my answer. < More >

The Look ... (finding the passion again)

Since I can remember, I've always been the kind of person who knew what I wanted in life. My personality was upbeat… my outlook and aspirations were eclipsed only by confidence in my abilities and myself. Life held unlimited surprises. The future was an open canvas just waiting for me to supply form, vibrancy and passion. Then my mother passed away. < More >

The Best Thing ... (how we respond)

Newspapers from my hometown said there had been a rise in suicides.  Crisis centers were straining.  Thousands were suddenly out of work.  Factories that had given Akron its nickname, "The Rubber Capitol of the World," were shutting down.  No retirement would go to those who dreamed mainly of it. < More >

Jump Out Of Your Boat ... (helping others)

Five fluke in the box, the water was clear, and the sun was shining. It was a hot July day a couple of years ago at Barnegat Inlet, on the coast of New Jersey. This was one of those rare days when the water of the Atlantic Ocean was filling the bay with an incoming tide of crystal clear, almost Caribbean blue beauty. Life was good. < More >



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