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I don't know about you, however one of my favorite recreational activities is blocking out an hour or two to lounge back in my magnificently comfortable chair to watch, no experience, an engaging movie. Whether a good comedy or drama... character study or action flick... sensitive, thought provoking, soon to be classic or vehicle for a mindless hiatus from reality - a great movie has few equals.

However, for as much value as there is in the sheer entertainment derived from a well-written storyline, presented by talented actors at the top of their craft - nothing compares to a terrific movie that packs an inspired message. Sometimes obvious to all and sometimes obvious only to those with the keenest of eyes (or ears as the case may be)... It's sort of the adult version of an old childhood favorite - Cracker Jacks. The candy coated popcorn was great in and of itself - but, making it two-thirds of the way to get to the coveted prize... priceless... (Mental note to self... I need to track down a place that still sells boxes of Cracker Jacks. But, I digress...)

Bottom line, movies are some of the absolute greatest sources of perspective, attitude enhancement and inspiration. And since, often times, it's not an overt, spell it all out for you and/or beat you over the proverbial head with it message - the key is keeping your eyes, ears and heart open. Because you never know when a potentially fundamentally uplifting life affirming and/or enriching perspective or precept will be shared.

And speaking of sharing...

I happen to wholeheartedly buy into the mindset that consumption of a continuous diet of uplifting and inspirational thought, messages and perspectives is about the greatest enabler of all - for ultimately experiencing true happiness and fulfillment. So, it stands to reason that when I encounter movies that offer exceptional inspiration, insight and perspective... that I share tghose amazing discoveries with you - that you might have the opportunity to be enlightened as well.

And certainly, if you have recommendations for movies you've been inspired by or gained perspective from, please let us know below. We're always looking for additional titles to be inspired by...

So, without further hesitation, here's the ever growing SomethingToShare Recommended Movies List...


The SomethingToShare Recommended Movies List




The Soloist

What if we are meant to be committed? Even more, what if there's no hope of knowing our potential as individuals until we have willfully and selflessly been there for someone truly in need? What if true happiness without fulfillment simply can't be true? What if the willingness to simply be there, mind, body and soul, is actually half the battle? And finally, what if everyone is rightfully deserving of respect?

These are some of the incredibly meaningful and relevant questions I was left thinking about as the credits began rolling in this unexpectedly poignant film. Robert Downey Jr. and, especially, Jamie Fox deliver powerful performances in this classic tale of... Am I my brother's keeper?




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