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Our Credo... Begin Anew

No matter how concentrated and concerted our efforts to the contrary, the simple truth is, at times, life is going to throw some significant challenges our way - often times when we are lest expecting. And so, not if - but when this happens, it will be primarily our perspective that will ultimately determine the nature of our attitude. And it will be primarily our attitude that will ultimately determine the nature of our response.

For this reason, and countless others, those who can manage to maintain a passionate, inspired approach to each and every day create a tremendous edge for not only effectively dealing with life's immanent lows - but for maximizing the quantity and quality of life's potentially magnificent highs... not to mention simply being considerably more happy and fulfilled on a daily basis.

So how can you begin to maintain a passionate, inspired approach to each and every day? That's the easy part. Believe it or not, it's as simple as beginning to alter your everyday perspective by changing the things that you expose yourself to on a regular basis... talk about.. think about... and dedicate time to... Exposure to anybody and everything negative, to the extent possible, should be eliminated - otherwise severely minimized.

Have you ever spent a considerable amount of time around someone who is overwhelmingly negative? Did you notice the affect to your psyche, spiritual equilibrium and overall energy level? If you are anything like me, the longer you stay around that extreme negativity - the more draining it becomes. Much like Superman in close proximity to a chunk of a certain glowing green mass from home, there have been times I could literally feel my energy... my spirit my 'Mojo... being inexplicably drawn from my body and mind. After a long period of exposure, I didn't particularly want to achieve anything, improve anything, create anything, aspire to anything or help anybody. I just wanted to, no needed to, go somewhere and commence to recover.

Conversely, spending ample time around someone who is inherently upbeat, energized, purposeful, inspired and continually aspiring to be better is a sure fire way for me to come away from the interaction feeling considerably more inspired and more empowered... that much more ready to believe in myself - and in a more committed fashion strive for my dreams and aspirations.

Well interestingly enough, it works in a similar fashion with exposure to low dosages of negativity or positivity on a steady basis. Negative comments, thoughts, perceptions, expectations, words and deeds will do nothing, over time, but limit your potential - and ultimately tear you down. Truly positive influences on the other hand... from wherever they come... collectively can continuously challenge, encourage and motivate us - forever nudging us forward... forever reminding us that never has a home run been the outcome of either a timid or non-existent swing.

The bottom line is life tends to play out much better when we have the ability to positively influence its outcome. And the most effective way to be that positive influence... is to simply create a you that is as influenced by positivity continuously. Do that and you can't help but be a more positive person. And if you are a more positive person, you can't help but be happier and more fulfilled in this life - even when a challenge or two finds you.

Here's our signature passage, "Begin Anew" to get you started. Read it, consider it, then read it again. For each time you read it, and anything else positive you can get your hands on - and dedicate the time and energy to absorb it... you can't help but have a little more perspective, and be a better person - and the world can't help but be a better place.

Every day, be inspired - then aspire to more...


- D Anthony, Inspirational Author and Motivator



Why We Sing

So, exactly what's the driving force behind SomethingToShare.com and "The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me... Once: Stories and Perspectives to Help You Unlock Your Amazing Potential"? Founded in the depths of sorrow, SomethingToShare.com was created as the only possible logical response to the completely illogical, unfair and unwarranted passing of my mother. The loss of my mother was a harsh dose of reality - coupled with pain and heartache the likes of nothing I'd ever known. Death had come into my life and abruptly taken the person most important to me - and I hadn't been able to do anything but helplessly watch, pray and cry.

For me, her passing was, by far, the most horrific, excruciating and emotionally draining event that I had ever experienced. And in the resulting disillusioned, angry and rebellious state of mind that first week, I searched for answers... for a reason to go on... for something to alleviate at least a small portion of the pain. What I didn't know was that composing the program for my mother's funeral services would provide that opportunity. It was when I compiled the following for the back of the program that the stage was set for the healing to begin;

None of us knows the volume of sand remaining in the hourglass of our lives... Now more than ever she teaches us to appreciate time... Now more than ever she teaches us to appreciate the people we spend it with... I urge you to seek out your loved ones, hug them, and let them know how much you care. God Bless...

Eventually out of the sorrow grew determination - determination to follow in her path so I would one day see her again... determination to refocus my life... determination to remind others about the value of each day... determination to make a difference in her name.

From there, a few friends lent their perspectives, effort and a liberal helping of smiles (not to mention a few cathartic tears) - and countless others have cared enough to share and, in so doing, have become part of our extended SomethingToShare.com family. From there, my first motivational and inspirational book, "The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me... Once: Stories and Perspectives to Help You Unlock Your Amazing Potential" was born – along with STSTheBook.com, dedicated to showcasing the book and other inspirational products.

The goal... Via a continuous helping of motivational words, inspirational gifts, a little perspective, possibly a tear or two, a few laughs and whatever else we can think of - we endeavor to help motivate and inspire you to begin to make a difference in this world... for you and the people around you. Further, we encourage you to make the most of today - because when it's all said and done... tomorrow simply isn't promised.

The concept and mission of SomethingToShare, the motivational and inspirational book, the resulting endeavors and most especially, absolutely any hint of positive impact and/or inspired, uplifting and beneficial outcomes induced are dedicated to the memory of a Rose, my mother - and her belief that no matter what this life brings, we must count our blessings, strengthen our resolve, lean on our faith and go right on living. Or as Mom would so succinctly put it… I used to cry because I had no shoes, then I met a man with no feet. 

So you are encouraged to open your mind and your heart today and to remember us whenever you are in need of a little inspiration. And above all know that if you touch just one life this day and the next... The world will be a better place.

Enjoy your stay and be forever inspired.

A Better Place

Above all else, SomethingToShare.com and STSTheBook.com were established as beacons for perspective - as a refuge for inspiration. And as the namesake implies, the true magnitude and potential of our efforts is ultimately contingent on the extent to which we are all willing to share - share our feelings... our experiences... our insights... our inspiration.

So, what about you? What are your hopes... your fears? What causes your biggest smiles... your heaviest tears? Do you take time out from the hustle and bustle of life every once in a while to examine your priorities... to challenge your perspective... to question your destiny? Do your loved ones truly know that they are? What is the one thing that you wish you could do to make an impact in this life? Exactly what's stopping you?

We must realize that in the end what matters in this life is not what we could have done - but what we do. And no matter how much we tell ourselves that we cannot make a difference, the truth is each day each one of us can make a difference in someway... for someone. After all, it doesn't take a lot to make a difference - just a little time and a little concern as the following passage so eloquently illustrates;


Starfish, (an interpretation), Author: Unknown

A young girl, vacationing with her family, arose early with excitement. Today was the much touted Starfish Day - a day full of festivities beginning with the collection of Starfish souvenirs. Excited, the young girl's early appearance on the beach was interrupted by something further down the beach.  About a quarter mile away there appeared to be a figure repeatedly throwing something into the ocean. 

As the young girl approached the woman, she asked what she was doing.  The woman replied, "high tide has washed all of these Starfish up on shore and they will die if I do not save them." In disbelief the young girl countered, "you can't be serious... there are hundreds and hundreds of Starfish along the beach... you can't save them... what difference could you possibly make?" 

With this the woman picked up a Starfish, threw it especially hard against the water. Then turning to the young girl she offered, "I definitely made a difference in that one's life - didn't I?"

A little later as the guests filed out of the hotel, they were perplexed to see two figures down the beach repeatedly tossing something into the ocean.


We can make a difference every day... for people we know and those we will never know. Selfless deeds and inspirational words have a way of taking on a life of their own - many times fostering generations of other selfless deeds and inspirational words in their wake.

So make a positive impact, no matter how big or how small, every chance you get. Whether you bring laughter to someone in the midst of losing all perspective or offer hope where there is a short supply... whether you sacrifice for someone in their hour of need or simply try to appreciate a different point of view with your paradigms freed... whether you pay for the next car at the toll booth or submit an inspirational passage to make a difference in the lives of others... Whatever you choose to do, make even a small difference on this day and the next... And The World Will Be A Better Place.


- D Anthony, Inspirational Author and Motivator
Founder and Primary Contributor for
SomethingToShare.com and STSTheBook.com





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