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This Day's Perspective

From either a personal or professional perspective, do you ever find yourself feeling disconnected, disinterested, stressed, overworked, frustrated, under appreciated, uninspired, unmotivated, bored, disenchanted or disappointed? Or perhaps, more simplistically, you could just use a little insight regularly that offers something meaningful... something worth thinking, and even caring, about... Perhaps, from time to time, you could use some incentive to smile - or maybe even an injection of inspiring perspective to redirect your attitude and day... Well, you've come to the right place.

Via the "This Day's Perspective" page, we will, on a daily basis, endeavor to uplift, enlighten and encourage. So, whether you bookmark this page, and begin to visit for a touch of levity, inspiration and insight each and every day - or you instead stop by from time to time for perspective, particularly when a day seems not to be going your way... We invite you to make SomethingToShare.com your attitude adjustment headquarters. We invite you to make this the place where the madness gets set aside for a few moments... your personal corner of the world where uplifting constructs like relevance, purpose, compassion, inspiration and perspective will always light the way.

We thank you for joining us - and trust that, during your visit today, you'll be inspired that you've found SomethingToShare...

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Moment of Zen...

You know sometimes things can have a way of getting a little pressing, stressful and/or hectic. There are times when it feels like everything is heading in the wrong direction, circumstances and life are conspiring against you and/or there are simply too many balls simultaneously in the air. When this happens, what can you do?

Simply put, you can find a sturdy column to lean on. Okay - A little explanation... In a discussion with a friend some time back, I offered the following analogy which served to provide her with some much needed guidance and perspective;

If you think about it, sometimes the chaotic nature of life (particularly the way we often times live it) is akin to making a run to the stadium consession stand just before a big game ends. And, as the game ends, we find ourselves heading back to our seat for the jacket left behind in a directly conflicting path of the massive crowd - eager to exit the stadium and make their way home. This is the point that we must decide between one of three choices. We can opt for the ever popular allow the unyielding force to sweep us up choice, ulitmately depositing us no where near our originally intended destination. We can opt for the highly questionable against-the-grain, take on the massive migrating herd choice, bumps, bruises and felonies not withstanding. Or, finally, we can simply find ourself a nice sturdy column to lean on, effortlessly making our way back to our (hopefully jacket drapped) seat once the exiting crowd has managed to find its way.

Consider SomethingToShare.com your very own sturdy column. Consider this the place you come to hang out for a little while, to slow things down a little, remember, redefine and re-commit to that which really matters - and allow a little clensing, cathartic and uplifting perspective to take hold.

So, in the words of a personal childhood favorite, the Monty Python's Flying Circus Show... And now for something completely different... (Click the play button to replay today's spiritually calming Moment of Zen...)

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Quote of the Day...


Audio Inspirational Excerpt of the Day from;

"The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me... Once:
Stories and Perspectives to Help You Unlock Your Amazing Potential"

Referenced on our homepage, you'll find one of my Mom's favorite quotes - which speaks to having cried because one had no shoes until coming upon a man with no feet. Talk about perspective... Often times, the most effective way of unloading any remnants of negative energy and beginning to see things anew... and even more, beginning to envision the optimal path for improving one's mindset and maximizing momentum forward - is to effectively tweak the relevance and importance assigned to events and circumstances in our lifes. It is reminding ourselves that where, respectively, each of us find ourselves at this point in time does not have to define where we could in fact be. It is coming to comprend the fact that the utmost appreciation for the sun comes only after the darkest of nights... after the longest and/or most extreme freezing temperatures, snow or rain. In other words, perspective is relative - and your relative perspective is mostly up to you.

Bottom line, things will only improve in a meaningful way to the extent you are willing to enhance your perspective. Because the reality is, regardless of the degree of sunlight we are blessed with on any given day, the inherent brilliance and accompanying potential will simply never be truly realized or appreciated if one's sole point of view is thru the warped interpretation fostered by a murky window.

So, here's today's perspective (straight from the pages of our motivational and inspirational book) - that you might find your window just a little clearer...

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Today's "A Little Perspective" Video Pick...

What if our perception of how we are doing, at any given time, is primarily defined by the choices we've made up to that point? What if things like the nature of the thoughts and ideas we choose to focus on... the people and circumstances we choose to be influenced by... whether the bulk of our days are spent looking backward or forward, down or up... whether we've commited to aspirations that inspire and propel us... whether we choose to allow compassion for others to prominently factor into our days - are really what define the quality of our days? What if these very same factors determine the extent to which we ultimately perceive ourselves to be truly happy and fulfilled? If this is the case, wouldn't it make sense to, with open arms, welcome any positive energy and insight that, in any way, endeavors to foster that elevated path? Especially considering often times what's really needed to begin to effect change is simply a shift in perspective...

So, click the starfish below, step carefully away from your current perspective for a minute or two, open your heart and mind and consider what message there might be in Today's "A Little Perspective" Video Pick for you.


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A Little Humor In Your Day...


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