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A Daily Affirmation to Energize Your Day

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The SomethingToShare
Daily Affirmation


Think about it. Do you honestly believe that we've come into existence, each of us incredible specimens of the wonder that is life, each of us amazingly unique from the next - yet innately connected to each other, the universe and time in ways we will most likely never truly comprehend... And we're not supposed to be committed to anything beyond the types of things we dedicate much of our time and effort to... the job, the bills, the television, more possessions, partying, redoing yet another room in the house, keeping up with the Joneses and saving up for the next vacation...

Here's a thought for consideration... Suppose your life has the potential to be dramatically different. Suppose your life was intended to be considerably more steeped in life affirming pursuits - pursuits such as purpose, creativity, wonder, discovery, enlightenment, charity, spirituality, passion, true happiness and fulfillment. Suppose increased time spent on pursuits such as these will only serve to inspire, uplift, energize and leave you feeling better about yourself and your life. And finally, suppose it all starts once you simply begin to change the way you communicate with yourself each day.

Here's a simple test for starters... Below is 'The SomethingToShare Daily Affirmation'. Begin reading this to yourself at least once or twice a day - with conviction. Begin to recite it when things are particularly stressful. Initially, it will be primarily a good source of perspective. Over time, in a subtle way, it should help you begin to aspire for more.

It's time to affirm...



The SomethingToShare
Daily Affirmation


I affirm that on this day I will…

Take the time to listen to the rustling leaves,

And to the passing breeze that made them so,

Marvel at just a bit of the majestic beauty

In the world around me,

And in some way rediscover the innocence of my youth.


I will tell, or better yet show,

A loved one how much they mean to me,

Help someone in need,

Immerse myself in that, which inspires me,

Strengthen my faith in the Almighty,

And strive to be someone in whom

The Almighty can have faith in return.


I will smile each and every chance I get;

And, whenever I can, bring someone else along for the ride.

I will endeavor to be modest as a rule,

But audacious when called for.


I will always know that I am here for a purpose,

And I will respect and appreciate this day

For the blessed and amazing gift it is.

I affirm that the precious time I have this day

Will be spent wisely,

I affirm, this day, zestfully will be the way I live.



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Now, go make it happen...





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What Our Extended Family Is Saying... >>> Absolutely fabulous site! So inspirational and uplifting... I could stay on this site for hours. Love it!!! Thank you for sharing. >>> I read a few passages and left one - for that, I feel a little warmer inside and better about my situation with clinical depression. Thank you! >>> I think this is a great place to share, and give, in a moment of sadness and joy. I felt good sharing my poem with so many who visit this site! >>> ...It is apparant to me that life is about learning to love one another, unconditionly - regardless of colour, race or creed. When we all realise this we can all start all over and build ourselves a new World... >>> I thought they were really touching and heartfelt. I am going through a depression period over the loss of my grandmother. Your poems gave me a little closure and insight into my life. Thank you. >>> I love it! Very beautiful and it made me cry. >>> I thought this site was realy helpful. It even inspired me to submit some of the things I had wrote myself... a thing I have never done because I do not think that it is very good. But if I feel bad and it gives me a lift... it may do the same for others... I hope. >>> Having someone share inspirational stories with me has helped me in more ways than anyone can ever imagine. I have a mental illness and this is the only thing that keeps me from letting go. >>> "Love is like water. If it doesn't flow, it stagnates" Author: Deepak Chopra ... Thanks for "flowing". >>> I come to your site everyday to always find something that helps me through my days... God bless you. >>> Like the rain that arrived today to help relieve the drought, the inspirational quotes on the site revive my spirit. >>> The poems and passages are a blessing to me, thank you and thank God you are a willing vessel to be used to help others with your inspirational web site.


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