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As a practice, we simply don't take enough time out to honor the people who mean the most to us - to thank them for their commitment and sacrifices... to let them know just how much we care. As a practice we don't encourage ourselves or each other enough - appreciating just how far our inspired journey to this point has brought us and inciting us to continue moving forward... to continue to aspire and grow. As a practice, we don't do enough to empower ourselves to obtain the best life has to offer - surrounding ourselves with motivational deeds, thoughts and words, and embodying the kind of uplifting, self-fulfilling spirit that induces even more opportunity with each and every new waking day.



Motivational and Inspirational Book

motivational and inspirational book


The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me... Once:
Stories and Perspectives to Help You Unlock Your Amazing Potential

inspirational book

In need of a little perspective some days? In need of an occasional uplifting thought to help re-calibrate life's direction, or simply remind you about the wondrous possibilities all around you... about the potential you have to immensely influence those possibilities, yourself and others around you each and every day.

Struggling just a little with the fairness of the hand life has most recently dealt you? Or perhaps that mind set more accurately embodies a loved one or a close friend.

Well, either way, have we got the ultimate wildcard for you - the perfect tool for beginning to turn that bad fortune around.

Consider, just for a moment or two, that, whether we realize it or not, the key to our respective attitudes and destinies, our happiness and fulfillment, what comes of each day and the extent of relevance and impact we will have on the people and events around us from this point is largely in our respective hands?

That's a pretty awesome responsibility when you stop to think about it - especially without the appropriate tool...

Ready to begin to enhance your perspective, outlook, decisions and results in either your life or a loved one's? Great...


Begin Enhancing Your Outlook For A Happier & More Fulfilled Life - Order Today...




SomethingToShare Motivational & Inspirational Plaques

motivational and inspirational plaques

A Distinctive Source of Encouragement for the Home or Office


Perhaps it's something more presentational in nature that you desire. Well, what about one of our distinctive Inspirational Plaques - featuring wonderfully serene images of nature that embellish an inspiring message? Possessing a naturally calming and motivating effect, these quiet inspired reminders serve to encourage and empower. One glance and we're reminded of what's really important. One glance and an advantageous perspective comes back into view. One glance and each of us are reminded that what we do matters - that we can, with belief, passion and perseverance, prevail. Could be just what's needed for a loved one or you the next time things seem to be getting away just a bit... the next time perspective seems to be in short supply.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. We've decided to add just a few more to our Inspirational Plaques to remind you - whatever life manages to place in your path, keep your head up, believe in yourself and be inspired... Because what matters most from here is your very next step.


Provide Inspiration and Encouragement Daily -
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The The SomethingToShare Remembrance Journal -
Dealing With the Ultimate Outcome of Every Life:
Insight, Faith & Perspective to Help See You Through



An Inspirational Tool For Those
Dealing With Death, Loss & Terminal Illness

Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult and impactful realities this life can, and will, invariably bring is the passing of a loved one.

The Perfect Gift For Someone In Need

Know someone in need? Know anyone struggling to cope with an impactful and/or devastating loss? Know someone who potentially doesn't even realize they need help figuring out how to cope? Perhaps you know someone who is searching for answers and perspective that continues to elude him or her. And perhaps that search for answers extends also to other family members and/or friends. The STS Remembrance Journal can be just the tool that helps to foster the emergence of much needed new perspective... and brighter days.

Journal - Dealing with Death and Loss

A Great Way To Pay Tribute

The SomethingToShare Remembrance Journal is designed to be dedicated specifically to a loved one lost - with a special dedication page and work pages to compile the many experiences, memories and insights that made your loved one such an incredible and unforgettable force in your life.

Exercises include recounting the best time the two of you ever shared and notable behaviors, characteristics and traits he or she had that you wish to adopt within your life.

So, go ahead... Take the time to remember and recount your fondest memories and deepest appreciation. And they will forever be right there in your Remembrance Journal for safe keeping... to offer ready inspiration, admiration and warm memories for years to come.

The bottom line is life is precious and through the unfortunate loss of it there is perspective, insight and wisdom to be gained - not to mention blessings and memories to be honored.

It is our hope that this journal will prove beneficial in offering much needed insight, perspective and spiritual enrichment on your path to greater serenity and brighter days.


For Individual Orders

Get Help For a Loved One (and/or Yourself) For...
Dealing With Terminal Illness, Death & Loss

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For Business and Non Profits (e.g. counseling programs, churches, hospitals, hospice groups, charities, non profit organizations, funeral homes, cemeteries and other groups and/or programs servicing clients endeavoring to cope with loss...)

Get An Empowering and Insightful Tool For Helping Clients
Dealing With Terminal Illness, Death & Loss

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