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Heartfelt Memories and Memorials


What I Would Say

In Memory of Loved Ones Lost...
(That Love & Appreciation We All Come To Know)


At some point in time in our lives, loss is something we will all have to deal with. Whether loss of family... loss of a special friend... loss to death... loss to circumstance... recently loss... or over time - it doesn't get any worse than losing someone you really care about. And whether we were thoughtful enough to tell that person how much they meant to us while we had the opportunity or not, it seems there is always something else we should have said.

Thus this page was created for two purposes. First, it is an opportunity to honor that person and the impact they had on your life. Second, it is intended as a reminder to those who are lucky enough to have special people in their lives to appreciate what they have and communicate their love and gratitude each day.

This is the place to tell that special person you lost what you would say if you could. Only rules for your submission... keep it positive and relatively short. Only rules for everyone else... consider what you have and be thankful...



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I love you and miss you so much. Life is not the same without you. Although I feel you in my heart, I would give anything for a couple of moments with you... to see your smile... to hear your voice... to hug you and know once again the feeling of a mother's love. I'm sorry for the things I didn't understand... didn't do - and grateful for the things I did. I wish I had done more. I hope you know how much I love you. I hope you know that I would do anything for you. Thank you for everything you sacrificed and for everything I am. I miss you and pray to God that I will see you again. I love you. - Dwayne

My Dearest Amanda, 

Although we didn't have very many times together before your time came, but only God knows how much you would've stayed. I've been so caught up in thinking of you ever since that horrific day, and it seems to get worse and worse as time passes. All the good times I have I wish you were there to share them with me, your note napkins at work, I miss them so much. I want to see you again so badly, and knowing I can't tears me apart on the inside. I know your here but I can't believe it, if it makes sense. I need your strength, your positive attitude, I need you. I love you and I wish I could've said so much to you in person. The thing that gives me hope is I know I'll be able to one day, when my time comes. I can't wait to see your beautiful face again, for eternity. I love you Amanda Evelyn Russell. Keep the sun shining for me please.

Love Always,



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Mom... Dad.., My Brothers, Paul and John...

I hope somehow you have found each other in Heaven. I feel so alone what I would give for just one more Christmas or Thanksgiving just one day where we all could be together just one last time. I know it's selfish of me... but I miss you all so much my heart just aches and I feel so lost... Please Lord help me deal with my grief and be there for my own family because right now emotionally I feel as weak as a kitten but I know I must be strong... I miss all of you so much every day and maybe somday we will all be together again,

Love always your son and brother...


Dear Dad,

I only knew you for the first six years of my life before you were taken away from me. That was the day I lost both of my parents, you were killed and my mother was hauled off to jail. I will never fully understand why it happened and this is something I refuse to question any more. I truly believe its God's work and everything happen for a reason. I love you and I know you are helping watch over me and my family.


It is easy for me feel the hurt and the pain when the wound of a lost loved one was fresh.  But as time starts to heal all wounds, the healing process begins and I forget the pain that was just here. If something touches the scar that was left behind because of the void that was left behind it is easy for that wound to be reopened again. To my aunts, uncle, cousin, best friend and mentor, I love each one of you for the role that you have played in my life.  Although you are no longer here with me physically you are not forgotten. I know I do not do the memory of you justice because I have allowed time to diminish and even remove the pain that I felt when I lost you. I just need to say that I LOVE and MISS you. You were some of the most special people to me Aunt Wanda, Aunt Bev, Uncle Andre, Derrick, Anthony & Ms. Nichols. Wow…is all that I can say as the tears start to fill my eyes as I type this. What I would say and want to say again “I LOVE and MISS EACH ONE OF YOU.

I want you to know that you were the father i never had..the only man in my life that loved me for who i was..i looked up to you b/c you were smart, funny, caring, and most of all my big brother..although you scared away every boyfriend i brought around..i knew that it was only because you loved me and wanted the best for me even if that meant that noone would be good enough for me!!!But i respected it because i respect you!!!i love love love you my big brother a.k.a dad!!!!


I'm sorry for the pain I have caused you, whatever it was that happened between the two of us, the decisions you and I made, fights that we had, and all that caused us tears. We've been together for over a year and I would say that it changed me and it is the happiest days of my life being with you, and I would go through that again if I will be given a chance. I'm so thankful for all the times that we've shared. I will not forget the smile on your face and how bad you sing (hehehe). I hope you have forgiven me for all the things that I have done lately. I'm sorry I was not there at your side when you needed me most, and that is breaking my heart right now to see you already gone. There's so many things left unsaid, all I have now is regret that I should have spent more time with you while you were still here. I really believed you can handle yourself and get through your hardships. Why did you give up? I know you're better up there and finally you're free and with our Father now.  I will surely miss you Jeff, you know how much I've loved you before and I'll always be here for you even as a friend. Don't worry I will still keep in touch with your family, I hope I will be able to care for them like the way you do. I wish we have said our goodbyes one last time, I wish I can go back to that time and hug you tight. You are a big part of me now. I will never forget you.


My dear Motu,

I love you from the core of my heart n my life would never be the same without you now. God may have taken you away from us but you are still with me, I could see you roaming in the house, laughing n teasing me. You'll always be in our lives n heart. I just wish i could hold you and hug you one more time, I must have done something terrible in my life that god has punished me by taking you away from me or may be god has planned something better for you.

I could just wish for you to be happy wherever you are. My blessing are always with you.............

Miss you a lot, missing you every bit of my life. I just wish i could hear you calling me "DIDI' one more time in my life.

Please god, never do this to any sis of this world.

LOve you My Little Bro and always will.

Your sis,

I miss you so much. Life will never be the same. You were strong and inspirational, kind never showed any indifference. Mom will I ever get over you? No you went too soon. But I know your our guardian angel always. xxxxx

Dear Billy,

I love you so much. I am incomplete without you here with me. You were not only my brother but my best friend. We have shared 23 years together on this earth. Why you were taken from us I will never understand. I have to believe you were that special someone God needed on that day. Life does not seem fair without you here. I will never stop loving you.

Your big Sis, Jinny


I love you more than words can say... You showed me how to love and love unconditionally. I will always remember your strong gentle spirit.. your cute teddy bear face... your warm cuddly body lying next to me. Please forgive me for the things i have done that weren't pleasing to you. You will remain my favorite dog until the day i close my eyes and join you on the other side. Love you baby.

- Sharda


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I didn't know you well enough for you to leave us already. I was your favorite freshman, you said it yourself twice. I have never met anyone that willingly opens their heart to strangers and fills them with joy. You are such an inspiration. You were a wonderful choir teacher and I am positive your students with miss you. Maybe you can teach the angel choir... You will be missed more than you can imagine. Everyone is already feeling the pain of your premature departure. I guess we'll never get to watch grey's like you promised. I will see you again someday my friend and I am blessed to have known someone so passionate and giving. You are an amazing human being and the world has lost one of it's most precious, beautiful women. So go home my dear friend. A fond farewell for now. Your love will not be forgotten. You have touched me so deeply and I regret never having the chance to tell you this or to say goodbye. Goodbye my dear friend and have a safe journey, we will meet again someday.



- Josephine


i miss you more than i can bear even tho it has been 3 yrs. if i could only tell u how well i am doing at home& with don.if only i could tell u how much i love u.i would give anything to sit at the table with u& talk about jesus & everybody & everything! the acorns r falling...i cant wait til the "shrinking violets" bloom again, but first the holidays. i am trying to be like u with amyjos 3 terrors. u would love them...they r all like joshua when he was little...o lordy how i miss u!!!i cont stop the tears after all this time!i am an old woman now & i want my nanny!!!i love u!hug papa for me

- Debbie

To: My lovely husband, Edgar

I'm noy sure yet how I'm still here, I don't feel like I want to keep dealing with this life, you mean the world for me, and now that you are gone nothing makes sense for me.
I keep trying and I try my best, but just because I know you never liked to see me down like Im right now.

Please don't forget me, you will be always my first love, and the only thing I'm really thankfull about is to have the chance to meet you, be your friend, then your girlfriend, then your wife because meeting you was a pleasure in my life, I LOVE YOU BELLO!!!

From: Stephanie

To my great grandmother Sarah Arnald


             In His Grave


                Where can
   I began when it all started with
   a young girl who lost her father
                So she
   moved from his grave. Until her
   mother met and married a guy named
               She didn't
   like him at first so she gave him
   a few das.
               After moving
   to Floence to stay. but she sill
   wanted to be with her father in his
   his grave.
               3 years has
   passed and all she wanted was a li-
   ttle blart.
               After Junior
   she wanted to die. But a young boy
   said no your too beautiful to die,
   and his name was tie.
               After Senior
   year she said her good byes to all
   her friends. Two days later she had
   died. she wanted to stay. now she's
   with her father in his grave.

      from Crystal Morris





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