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If you subscribe, as we do, to the belief that people are basically good hearted and each have the potential for greatness - What stands in the way?  Ask that question of someone and you are likely to get any of the following... no time... no money... no assistance... I don't know. Whether these generic reasons sound familiar, or yours tend to have a more exotic flair - D-Rose Productions has two questions for you.

Question 1: Have you ever seen a huge elephant tied to a small spike with a thin rope? Let us explain ... When a circus elephant is young his leg is repeatedly tied to a tree with a thick chain.  No matter how hard he pulls he is no match for the heavy chain, and well rooted tree.  At an early age the elephant comes to the understanding that he can not break free when his leg is tied.  Thus, the adult elephant is not so much physically bound, as mentally. Leading to our second question... What is it that's holding you back?  Seize The Day... The answers will come in time...

This page is dedicated to the spirit that keeps us moving forward to make a difference and the little things picked up along the way which invigorate our mind, heart and soul.  Stop by regularly for a quick dosage of insight. Everyday strive to be better... and the world will be a better place.

In the meantime we want to take this opportunity to remind you... that life truly does start anew each day - and there is no time like the present to change. Rest assured the next hour … day … year … will be what you make it! Or more directly, in the immortal words of Andy Dufresne in 'The Shawshank Redemption' - "It comes down to a simple choice, get busy living or get busy dying".

Until the next time, be good, make a difference where you can and live life to the fullest. And if, in your travels, you happen upon someone without a smile… be sure to give them yours.



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Our Thoughts

Just A Thought #6,

Attitude Adjustment, Author: D Anthony, D-Rose Productions, SomethingToShare.com, 08/01

I woke up a few mornings ago to find that recently planted flowers had been ripped from the garden bed and tossed on the driveway. The landscaping check had not even cleared my bank account and somebody, with an obvious discipline deficiency at home, has nothing better to do than pull an overnight juvenile prank. As I stood there reviewing the result, I realized I was at a fork in the road. I could let the culprit(s) win, react in a negative fashion - or I could take control of my attitude, my response, and thus the outcome of my day.

So there, in my tie, suit pants, white shirt and wing tips, I proceeded to patiently replant the dislodged flowers, carefully repacking the dirt and liberally watering them. You see I realized that regardless of the fact that someone didn't have anything better to do that night (like sleep for instance)... no one else but me was in control of what kind of day I would have. I may have made it to work a little later than expected - but I had a great day.

Remember that the next time someone tries to rain on your parade… then because of them, on behalf of them... Have A Great Day!

Just A Thought #5,

A Full Swing, Author: D Anthony, D-Rose Productions, SomethingToShare.com, 08/01

Have you ever felt like things just do not work out for you? Have you ever felt like many of the things you attempt are not successful? Well, here's a quick story I heard along the way that might serve to add a little perspective...

A man visits his priest and tells him he feels like a complete failure. "I don't know what it is, but it seems I fail at half of the things I do", he offers. The priest says simply, "World Book Almanac - page seventy-four".

Well, the same man returns the next day, now visibly upset. "I come in here at the end of my rope, looking for help and you offer me nothing", he argues. The priest asks, "didn't you locate the information to which I directed you?" The man answers, "sure but I don't know what a baseball batting average of three hundred and something has to do with me or my depression!"

The priest responded, "it's simple... here's a professional player that holds the world record even though he failed two out of three times he got up to bat... If you are batting .500... all I can tell you is keep up the great work!"


In reality the only true difference between successful people and non-successful people is the respective degree of emphasis placed on their inevitable failures...

Sometimes you are going to hit the ball... and sometimes you are going to miss... but you don't even have a chance if you never step up to the plate. So grab a bat, step up to the plate... and when a ball comes along...


Just A Thought #4,

The Power To Change, Author: D Anthony, D-Rose Productions, SomethingToShare.com, 06/01

Back (many, many years ago) when I was in high school, I was privileged enough to be the recipient of a simple, yet amazingly empowering belief. We were taught that, as members of the top academic high school in the city, (with it's long standing impeccable history and reputation) - that we were special. We were taught that each and every one of us could change the world. But first we had to believe. What a powerful concept...

And I bought into that message. Through college... through stages of adulthood... it permeates every challenge I face, every temporary failure I have overcome and every otherwise intimidating situation that has found it's way in my path. No matter what comes along... not only can I overcome it - with a little belief, ingenuity and passion I can even change the world in the process. What an empowering belief...

Looking back on high school now I have a new appreciation for both the message and how special we were. We were not special so much because we had earned attendance at one of the most selective public schools in the state - as because we were privileged to receive such an empowering foundation.

Thus lately I find myself wondering... what if everyone adopted the belief that they could, in their own personal and very unique way, change the world? How powerful would that be? And what a world this could be... In fact, I've come to believe that's exactly why each and every one of us is here... for the opportunity to approach our true potential... to make our own individual impact on the world. Big or small doesn't matter - as long as the impact is positive. There are no boundaries - just opportunity as far as the eye can see.

Still not convinced that this simple principle can truly make a difference? Think about it... If I didn't believe it you wouldn't be reading this newsletter now. But because you are reading it - we now have the opportunity to change the world today… and for every tomorrow.

Need more proof? Do something... Maybe spend a day complimenting others... encourage understanding where there was none... donate time to a good cause... help someone to grow... challenge a negative perception... create something that enhances the world... encourage someone in need... challenge yourself to be a better person... pass the message to loved ones and friends. The feeling you get in return will be all of the proof you need.

How's it feel to be special? Good... the world awaits us.


Just A Thought #3,

A Little Faith, Author: D Anthony, D-Rose Productions, SomethingToShare.com, 03/00

A recent newspaper article featured a story about a New Mexico mother who, last Christmas Eve, after being in a catatonic state for sixteen years, suddenly regained her consciousness - suddenly awoke to her loving awaiting family. As it turns out, she stopped breathing after suffering a blood clot in her lung during a Caesarian section. After resuscitation doctors determined that brain damage had resulted from the lack of oxygen. This caused her to slip into a catatonic state – where she remained for well over a decade with no sign of communication. Yet on the Eve of Christmas, with no rhyme or reason, she blurted out to the attending nurse - "Don’t do that". Since that incredible day she has been slowly but surely re-familiarizing herself with life again - getting to know her children… getting to know her friends… getting to know herself.

Two things struck me about this story. Most obvious of course, is the fact that the mother’s sudden return after all these years is nothing short of miraculous. Every once in a while we are presented with a sign that there is something majestic out there… that our lives have meaning far beyond anything we can comprehend… Impressive too was the love and faith of her family. A family that refused to give up - or give in. A family that said no matter how long it takes, no matter the pain – we’ll be there for you … we’ll wait for you. This is the stuff that miracles are made of… proof that a lot of love and a little faith can go a long way.


Just A Thought #2,

Worth Celebrating, Author: D Anthony, D-Rose Productions, SomethingToShare.com, 03/00

Well, it’s March 2000. We’re more than a couple months into the new Millennium. Life as we know it didn’t come to an end. Anticipated Y2K and Leap Year bugs resulted in not so much as a bite. Thankfully, after all the advertised fears and concerns there have been no harmful Millennium related incidents to speak of. In fact, what the Millennium seems to have ushered in is renewed hope and optimism. As just about anyone with a working TV December 31st can tell you, 2000 received a fantastic welcome. We were treated to a world of people celebrating the New Millennium … celebrating pride in themselves and their countries… celebrating life. What that day demonstrated, country by country, time zone by time zone, for all to see was simple. There is no problem celebrating what makes us different - as long as we spend equal time celebrating what makes us the same. It was a beautiful thing… a great way to usher in the new century. And a couple months later, as life’s daily issues, conflict and stress have again taken hold I find myself contemplating… Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could regain just a little of that spirit to carry them through 2000 and beyond? Wouldn’t it be great if just some of us would? Just a thought…


Just A Thought #1,

The Wrong Way, Author: D Anthony, D-Rose Productions, SomethingToShare.com, 12/99

Remember when life was simple?  I do.  What I haven't been able to pinpoint is - exactly when did things change.  Once I was young, inquisitive, energetic, excited, questioning, secure and content - and then one day I wasn't.  The more "knowledge" I acquired the less things seem to fit.  In researching the links for the site I've come across sites geared toward subjects such as ritual abuse and senior abuse - and  I just do not get it.  One instance of these things would certainly be one instance to many.  However, if there are news stories and sites focusing on these subjects obviously it is happening with some regularity.  I just don't get it!  Where did things go wrong?  Did we make a left turn when we should have made a right?  Or maybe it's just a case of ignorance being bliss?  Whatever the case maybe it's time to start setting the course right ... to show we care.  Maybe, just maybe, there's still time for today's youth to enjoy just a little bit of ignorance... before it's too late... 



Your Thoughts


Just A Thought #2, Author: Paige B., submitted to SomethingToShare.com

I am writing on behalf of a dear friend of mine who was diagnosed with cancer and has lost the physical battle. She was in my nursing class in the small town of Piqua.. I called when I found out that she could no longer continue the class because her cancer had come back and this time was probably going to be hard to treat... So I called up my dear friend to offer my support to her as she is by far one of the most amazing women I have ever met... a school teacher for many years... a foster mom to many children.. and an inspiration to everyone who met her... I call to support her.. and once again she is trying to support me because I am sad about her condition. She says I have had a great life, great husband, great kids, she could not have asked for a better life. She had won the most important battle of all. The battle of wills that cancer plays on your emotions. She was not letting it take her spirit, her enjoyment of the rest of her life that was left, it was NOT going to rule her ability to be happy all the days of her life. To me she won the battle of cancer.. and for herself as well. May all those with cancer be able to find the peace within there own hearts and not let the disease rule their emotions. - Paige B.


Just A Thought #1, Author: Anonymous, submitted to SomethingToShare.com

I had one teacher that was very cynical and not religious at all, but he did have one pearl of wisdom that I think is worth sharing, it applies universally: "The true measure of a person is how they would act knowing they would never be caught."

If you think about it, it's true.



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