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Motivational and Inspirational Stories


It just sorta happens doesn't it... even when there's nothing special about the incident or day? Often times, more cumulative effect, it's not attributable to a single cause. Whatever the drivers, the end result is the same. You find yourself in the early stages of feeling out of sync and alone, feeling that life's prospects don't offer a lot of hope, sensing that none of life's ventures seem to be headed for success.

Perhaps you are even farther along. You can't understand what's wrong with you - and why you can't shake these feelings. Perhaps you have even begun to convince yourself that this is all just a necessary part of life.

Well, the good news is it doesn't have to be. As it turns out, most times the way we feel about situations, people and things is all about our perspectives - and the resulting attitudes and responses applied. As a result, we simply can't expect to have good results if our perspective is in short supply.

Think of it in terms of a silo. Regardless of the amount of grain we start out with, if circumstances cause us to continuously deplete the surplus, with no accompanying replenishment of supply - it's just a matter of time before the silo will have the ability to feed no more. Well, by the same token, if the replenishment of perspective never takes place when times are relatively good, how is it we can expect to have an ample supply to see us through the hard times that will inevitably surface? And for that matter, how is it we could expect the good times to be optimally rewarding.

So, how do we replenish our supply? This is best accomplished by regularly exposing one's psyche to constructive thoughts and anecdotes - which have the power to elevate, enlighten, encourage, impassion, reinforce and reinvigorate both our attitude and spirit. Which is exactly where we come in. Each successive visit and consideration of the perspective featured within the pages of SomethingToShare.com should serve to further replenish your reserves and, accordingly, better equip you to effectively address the bad times - and appreciate the good ones.

So... looking to see things in a better light and to share in a little perspective? Great. Whether this is your first visit or you're a long standing member of the SomethingToShare family... Be inspired. You've come to the right place...


And before you leave, consider taking a little time to tell us what you think, or even better, share your own inspirational story. It will likely prove to be not only therapeutic for you, but also immensely helpful to someone else.


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One Step Back, Two Steps Forward ... (a better tomorrow)

Has a negative circumstance ever entered your otherwise happy and content world? Whether deed or happenstance, has that negativity ever left you feeling drained... frustrated... asking "why me"? And when you felt that way, did those feelings go unresolved? < More >

Kiana ... (better than perfect)

I was six months pregnant and fell off a step stool. It was only two small steps from the floor, so I thought… No Big Deal. When I got to the hospital, I was four centimeters dilated and was admitted for observation for two days. On the second day, my water broke and I was put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy in the High Risk Unit. < More >


Chasing Rainbows ... (a new outlook)

A few years back, after a long work week and a rain drenching storm, I found myself stuck in heavy traffic… going no where fast. Although there was a chance I would be late for an appointment, I realized that getting irritated wouldn't serve a purpose - or get me there sooner. It was in that frame of mind that I saw it. < More >

What Have I Learned ... (analyzing a life)

The question has been posed with the expectation of an answer - What have you learned from life? This question has been asked by a good friend and requires a thoughtful response. As I ponder the gravity of this question, I realize that a life is the summation of the people we encounter and our experiences involving those people. In recognizing this, I have formulated my answer. < More >

The Look ... (finding the passion again)

Since I can remember, I've always been the kind of person who knew what I wanted in life. My personality was upbeat… my outlook and aspirations were eclipsed only by confidence in my abilities and myself. Life held unlimited surprises. The future was an open canvas just waiting for me to supply form, vibrancy and passion. Then my mother passed away. < More >

The Best Thing ... (how we respond)

Newspapers from my hometown said there had been a rise in suicides.  Crisis centers were straining.  Thousands were suddenly out of work.  Factories that had given Akron its nickname, "The Rubber Capitol of the World," were shutting down.  No retirement would go to those who dreamed mainly of it. < More >

Jump Out Of Your Boat ... (helping others)

Five fluke in the box, the water was clear, and the sun was shining. It was a hot July day a couple of years ago at Barnegat Inlet, on the coast of New Jersey. This was one of those rare days when the water of the Atlantic Ocean was filling the bay with an incoming tide of crystal clear, almost Caribbean blue beauty. Life was good. < More >





Back To Normal ... (another perspective on 9-11)

We have to get back to normal. That was the popular sentiment. From the President to countless dignitaries, self proclaimed grief and terrorism 'experts' and so many television reporters - everyone concurred the most effective way to respond to the horrific events of September 11, 2001 was to simply get back to normal. < More >

The Well-Dressed Pastor's Lesson ... (remembering roots)

The pastor of the church I attended as a young man was a distinguished, dignified and always impeccably dressed man who also happened to have a warm and compassionate heart. He was so formal and well-groomed that newcomers would expect this tall, handsome man with a PhD from an Ivy League school serving a large, affluent suburban church to be cold and distant. But he wasn’t; he was warm and sincere. < More >

Losing My Mother ... (realizing too late)

When I was little, I remember always trying to please my mother. Not that I was an angel, but as a little girl I wanted so much to be the apple of her eye. < More >

Dodgeball Anyone? ... (a weakened society)

They're trying to ban Dodge-ball in schools. Yes…Dodge-ball. That simple little game we played as children long ago. While there are variations to the game, the object remains to avoid being hit by the ball. Apparently the people trying to eliminate it's existence from schools and playgrounds across the country believe the game to be too harsh. < More >

Winners And Losers ... (why we sometimes lose)

Why do we concentrate so much on the negative, while spending little time on the positive? Why don't we celebrate more and commiserate less? Why are ninety-five percent of lead news stories covering some combination of ill will, disaster and misfortune? Why does misery love company? < More >

Being A Color ... (getting past the color lines)

It started out as a casual conversation. My friend had mentioned in a previous discussion that she was irritated by an interaction with her daughter's teacher's assistant at the elementary school. Her daughter was reprimanded for hitting another student - explaining to no avail she was only retaliating for being hit. < More >

Thoughts About A Tragedy ... (we often reap what we sow)

Much of this was written the week after the shooting at Columbine High School. While it was a very tragic incident, it inspired me to take a different outlook on life. < More >

A Bump On The Head ... (an amazing fight for life)

Be aware that what I am going to say is 100% fact and is very gruesome. I need to tell you all the gory details so you can truly understand what a miracle it is that I am alive today. On Sunday 11/3/96, I bumped my head on the doorframe while exiting from my car. It stung a bit for a few moments and I thought nothing else about it. < More >


Life Impressions


The More Things Change ... (finally getting it)

I'm sitting here, looking out the window, on what has become a quiet, hot Saturday afternoon. The rain falls, the trees sway, the thunder roars and an occasional streak of lighting makes its way across an otherwise somewhat dreary sky. As my Momma used to tell us this is the Lord's time. < More >

Heavenly Gain ... (appreciating a lost friend)

April 1996 was the start of many things to change my life. The twenty-sixth of April I received a page from my cousin to inform me that my best friend passed away just the night before. At that very moment my life was turned upside down. < More >

In Time ... (a little perspective for a new generation)

When was the last time you felt powerless? Have you ever really felt lost? Ignored? Victimized? Forgotten? When was the last time you felt alone? Imagine how overwhelming it would be to feel that way on a regular basis. Imagine the despair… the helplessness. Hard to comprehend being there, huh? Maybe we will… in time. < More >

Changed ... (what's wrong with today's youth)

Let me start out by saying I do not have children of my own. On some levels I guess that makes me just about as qualified as many of the recognized modern day experts on the subject. To be perfectly honest, this is an article I felt I wasn't qualified to write - until a good friend, a mother of two, suggested I do so. < More >

Barbara's Story ... (a soul mate story)

On my short ride to work one morning I turned on the radio just in time to hear a listener call in to weigh in on that morning's topic - the existence of soul mates. The woman committed that she knew without a doubt from personal experience that soul mates existed - because she had found and lost hers. < More >

No Laughing Matter ... (a matter of trust)

My girlfriend doesn't like to be tickled. After a long hiatus, her feelings about it resurfaced once again recently as a major point of contention. While playing around, as we do from time to time, I made the apparently grave mistake of tickling her. In response to the cold reaction received from her, my mood took a one hundred and eighty degree turn. < More >

Meantime Blues ... (waiting for life to happen)

As I sit here this evening on a rare moment that I've allowed myself to forget about work, I know I should be sleeping because I have such a busy day planned for tomorrow, but I'm filled with a realization, as well as some questions about my life. < More >




The Event ... (death changes a life)

Recently I watched a movie in which an interesting statement was made. The gist was that there are events that change your life. Nothing is the same afterward. From that point in time every other event is perceived as occurring chronologically before or after the life altering one. I listened quietly and nodded. < More >

Looking Up ... (finding hope again)

Four years ago I was on top of the world. I was a young man - a college graduate, in good health, in a rewarding and well paying career, with a positive attitude and confidence that didn't waiver. < More >

Any Day Now ... (coming to terms with death)

Almost all of my life I've had a fear of death. Thinking back on it today I believe more than anything it was the fear of the unknown. It was troubling to me that the destination was uncertain. < More >


Dealing With Death/Loss


In The Upper Room ... (Mom succumbs)

A close friend has an aunt who, after months of proving a worthy adversary, appears to be succumbing to an increasingly debilitating bout with Cancer. Unfortunately, many of the familiar signs are there - the inhumanity of late night Emergency Room visits… extended periods without the consumption of food… < More >

The Terrible Incident ... (too deep, the pain)

I always heard tragic stories on the news, in magazines etc., but I never thought anything like that would happen to me. Now I realize that it can happen to anyone even if it is rare. < More >

It Was Just Time ... (too young to go)

I hope my story can help others who have lost someone who has passed at an early age... < More >

Comfy ... (a comforting, lasting link)

Every morning, before I face the world, I kneel next to where you lay. And with one hand on the Bible and the other on you, I pray. I pray for the world… for my Mom… for me. In you I find comfort. With you I find the strength to face another day. < More >

A Higher Purpose ... (a mother's sacrifice)

This article is to honor my first two children, Charron Latonya and Tinisha Marie and their contribution to this world. < More >

Too Late ... (letting loved ones know)

Before January 12th 1997, I never knew what it was to feel completely empty inside. I'm a 24 year old woman, married, with two kids. I have a good job and pretty happy with my life. So what am I complaining about huh? Let me explain. < More >



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Your thoughts on 'Motivational and Inspirational Stories'

Earlier this year I lost a good friend who committed suicide. I later became extremely depressed. My sister passed of cancer. None of my family knew how ill she was. Then to top it off two weeks after her death, I had a head on collision (thank God no one lost their life or was seriously hurt). All this took place in a three month period.

Yes this is a lot to go through. I, I made it through with family, friends and doctor's support. However with all the support and love I had, it was up to me to decide I could make it. And in this journey of life we all go through, some more than others, you must be strong and hold on. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

My good days - they really out-weigh my bad days. I have learned the real meaning of true friendship and love.

We only have minutes. Take every waking moment you have and appreciate life! Be kind to someone. Love yourself. On this planet, make family first. You may not have the family you want, however you have the family the almighty decided you should have. Love them respect them. Give them their roses while they live. For the next minute is not promised to any of us. Encourage yourself and others too - for God will take care of you.



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