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It just sorta happens doesn't it... even when there's nothing special about the incident or day? Often times, more cumulative effect, it's not attributable to a single cause. Whatever the drivers, the end result is the same. You find yourself in the early stages of feeling out of sync and alone, feeling that life's prospects don't offer a lot of hope, sensing that none of life's ventures seem to be headed for success.


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Back To Normal ... (another perspective on 9-11)

We have to get back to normal. That was the popular sentiment. From the President to countless dignitaries, self proclaimed grief and terrorism 'experts' and so many television reporters - everyone concurred the most effective way to respond to the horrific events of September 11, 2001 was to simply get back to normal. < More >

The Well-Dressed Pastor's Lesson ... (remembering roots)

The pastor of the church I attended as a young man was a distinguished, dignified and always impeccably dressed man who also happened to have a warm and compassionate heart. He was so formal and well-groomed that newcomers would expect this tall, handsome man with a PhD from an Ivy League school serving a large, affluent suburban church to be cold and distant. But he wasn’t; he was warm and sincere. < More >

Losing My Mother ... (realizing too late)

When I was little, I remember always trying to please my mother. Not that I was an angel, but as a little girl I wanted so much to be the apple of her eye. < More >

Dodgeball Anyone? ... (a weakened society)

They're trying to ban Dodge-ball in schools. Yes…Dodge-ball. That simple little game we played as children long ago. While there are variations to the game, the object remains to avoid being hit by the ball. Apparently the people trying to eliminate it's existence from schools and playgrounds across the country believe the game to be too harsh. < More >

Winners And Losers ... (why we sometimes lose)

Why do we concentrate so much on the negative, while spending little time on the positive? Why don't we celebrate more and commiserate less? Why are ninety-five percent of lead news stories covering some combination of ill will, disaster and misfortune? Why does misery love company? < More >

Being A Color ... (getting past the color lines)

It started out as a casual conversation. My friend had mentioned in a previous discussion that she was irritated by an interaction with her daughter's teacher's assistant at the elementary school. Her daughter was reprimanded for hitting another student - explaining to no avail she was only retaliating for being hit. < More >

Thoughts About A Tragedy ... (we often reap what we sow)

Much of this was written the week after the shooting at Columbine High School. While it was a very tragic incident, it inspired me to take a different outlook on life. < More >

A Bump On The Head ... (an amazing fight for life)

Be aware that what I am going to say is 100% fact and is very gruesome. I need to tell you all the gory details so you can truly understand what a miracle it is that I am alive today. On Sunday 11/3/96, I bumped my head on the doorframe while exiting from my car. It stung a bit for a few moments and I thought nothing else about it. < More >



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