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About D Anthony, Self-Help and Inspirational Author

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About D Anthony

Founder of SomethingToShare.com &
Author of the Motivational and Inspirational Book,
"The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me... Once: Stories and Perspectives to Help You Unlock Your Amazing Potential"


SomethingToShare Founder D Anthony

Well, the real questions are who is D Anthony, why am I on a quest to make a difference in the world and what does SomethingToShare.com, the SomethingToShare Newsletters and a particular motivational and inspirational book (with the unlikely title) really have to offer? Well, to get to the bottom of that, it would probably help to understand a little of the background…

While seemingly always possessing an insatiable need to not only pose the difficult, challenging questions, but to endeavor to answer them - it was a single dramatically life-altering event that would first inspire the site and crystallize the foundation for many of the very much atypical themes, insight and perspective so richly interwoven throughout the site, the newsletters and the engaging pages of "The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me... Once".

From the devastating untimely demise of my beloved mother… from the overwhelming heartache and sense of bewilderment, the catalyst of intense questioning about validity of purpose and the relevance of faith… from the entirely selfish need to simply have living begin to matter again – eventually a new, considerably more selfless destiny, would begin to emerge. In time, discontent would become renewed purpose and disillusionment reinvigorated passion – passion to get the most out of this life and to aspire to my true intended destiny… passion to encourage all who can, and will, dare to dream to discover and strive for their very own unique and incredible version of the same.

It is with that resolve that I launched and continue to grow the highly inspiring and uplifting website, SomethingToShare.com - as an insightful respite from the unchecked stress and spiritual drain that too often defines our day to day existence, a haven for perspective and a place to inspire... a place for all to share. It is with that resolve that, through much of the same heartwarming and engaging style popular with website guests, my latest offering, “The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me… Once”, endeavors to take the next step; offering an empowering, optimistic and highly effective brand of perspective, charging all to recognize and nullify long-held, counterproductive limiting thoughts, paradigms and self-doubt… and challenging us all to find and reclaim our dreams… our aspirations… our true happiness… our fulfillment… our very purpose for being here.

The “Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me… Once: Stories and Perspectives to Help You Unlock Your Amazing Potential ” represents my initial offering in a planned inspirational, motivational and enlightening series.

Each Day, be inspired – then aspire to more…


- D Anthony, Inspirational Author and Certified Professional Coach

(…and the world will be a better place)



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Cecil Whig Feature Article on D Anthony


Cecil Whig Newspaper Feature Article on D Anthony

Writing of poetry, stories gave Colora man strength
By Jane Bellmyer jbellmyer@cecilwhig.com
Posted: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 3:31 AM EDT

D Anthony hopes his first book, “The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me... Once” will enlighten and encourage readers.

Published by the Beckham Publications Group, it is a 220-page collection of stories, poems and revelations that the 43-year-old Colora man hopes will help people see life as more than just a roller-coaster existence.

“The purpose of the book is to make people pause and think about life in a different way,” said Anthony, 43. “There are possibilities. There are opportunities.”

He said people often live their lives following an agenda set by society: “Do this, get good grades, get a good job, pay bills.”

“Somewhere along the way you stop, pause for a second and say, Why are we here?” he said.

His book is a personal journey that began several years ago.
“I started all this when my mother passed away,” he said. “I wrote something for her funeral. It was helping me, so I continued to write.”

The book includes long and short pieces with thought-provoking sentences such as, “If you’ve never laid brick can you ever fully appreciate the wall?”

“A Need to Change” tells the story of preparing to go somewhere with his father. Then a teenager, Anthony was about to leave the house in a plain white T-shirt. He recalls how his father refused to travel with a teenager in such attire. It led to Anthony’s surrender to Wingtip shoes, and the realization that his father “wasn’t so much a square as I was naive.”

Each chapter covers a different perspective of life, and is capped off with a challenge for the reader. At the end of “A Little Gratitude,” the reader is dared to find a stranger who is having a bad day and make him or her smile. The way to do that, he says, is for you to smile first.

“Do this once and watch the difference you’ll make in that person’s day. Do this on a daily basis and watch the difference you’ll make in yours.”

But this book isn’t full of happy stories about sunshine and butterflies. Chapter 7 is, “Eventually, Death Visits Us All.” Anthony said some readers have told him they skipped that chapter. It is where he placed the story “In The Upper Room” about the death of his mother.

“She was about to leave me and there was nothing I could do about it. That’s as real as it gets,” he said.

“I tried to savor every contour of her face, the feel of her hand, her scent, her warmth,” he writes. “I told her over and over how much I loved her.”

It was a passage he didn’t expect to write, but after a friend had the same dark experience, Anthony knew it had to be part of the book.
“I had a sense there are people out there that could be impacted by it,” he said. “I believe I’ve found my purpose: to take what I’ve learned and share my perspective.”

Anthony said that when it’s his time to leave this world, he plans to do so with no regrets. He has adopted the Frank Sinatra tune “My Way” as his personal mantra.

He makes a point to look for those breathtaking moments, however simple. It was one such moment that caused him to relocate his family from Philadelphia to Colora four years ago.

“I was looking for something a little more peaceful peace and quiet and tranquility,” he said.

As he stood in the backyard of the home he was considering he had a revelation.

“I said, Listen. Do you hear anything?’ We heard nothing. That’s what I wanted to hear,” he said.

The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me... Once” is available through Amazon.com and at Anthony’s Web site, www.ststhebook.com. The site offers daily affirmations and also sells inspirational items.

In the meantime, he’ll keep writing.

“There’s going to be another book, two at least,” he said.

His father, so critical of Anthony’s choice of attire many years ago, is now one of his biggest fans.

“My dad has read it and re-read it and can’t stop talking about it,” he said.

Fans or not, Anthony insists the experience has been worthwhile.
“When it’s all said and done, if I can touch a couple of lives, the rest is gravy,” he said.




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What Our Extended Family Is Saying... >>> Very comforting... I feel like it is the Lords way of speaking to me. >>> Absolutely wonderful. >>> ...Your passages give me exactly what I believe in life. If you can't change the world, at least change one soul. That will make a different and make your life worth it... >>> It's getting close to the date my mother died 4 years ago and I still hurt and cry so bad... But I found this site and it's beautiful!!! The poems really touch my heart! Thank you! >>> Thanks you really did help me out. From a problematic girl in the Philippines. >>> Excellent source of enlightenment. Continue the good work. >>> They were good. Right now I'm just looking for a rainbow at the end of a very rainy week. >>> Very nice site! I really enjoyed it. There should be more positive sites like this on the web...the world would be a better place. >>> Very nicely done. Helped me a lot to see so many overcoming. >>> I think your passages are great and very up lifting. Thanks and may God bless you richly. >>> ....Don't ever take anyone for granted. Love them each day and tell them so. I now do. >>> You are doing a wonderful job. God bless your efforts to inspire and enrich people's lives.



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