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Author: Tadpole Bowden, 03/00


I was crazy to think you loved me enough to get off your back while I made a livin'
Crazy to think you loved me enough not to take since I'm the only one givin'
Crazy to think you loved me enough to leave your pride behind
Crazy to think you loved me enough to meet expectations of mine
I was just crazy!

I was crazy to think we could survive off our love alone
Crazy to think the future held the love the past had shown
Crazy to think you'd do all that you could so it wouldn't be all on me
Crazy to think when I could no longer go, you would then proceed
I was just crazy!

How long do you think I will be crazy?
How long before all this starts to impact me?
How long before you step up and do your part?
How long before you mend what you've done to my heart?
I just wanted you to want more instead of just getting by
I just wanted some help, but you wouldn't comply
So what am I to do when kids are involved?
We've discussed it and the problem is still unresolved

I'm tired of being crazy but I can't just give up
But for me getting by just isn't enough
I don't want to be crazy, can't you do more?
Or would you rather I walk right out the door?
Was I crazy to think you loved me enough just to do what you should?
Or was I crazy to think I was special enough that you would?
I'm sick of being crazy!





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Select a Passage Dealing w/ Friendships & Relationships >>>


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