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It just sorta happens doesn't it... even when there's nothing special about the incident or day? Often times, more cumulative effect, it's not attributable to a single cause. Whatever the drivers, the end result is the same. You find yourself in the early stages of feeling out of sync and alone, feeling that life's prospects don't offer a lot of hope, sensing that none of life's ventures seem to be headed for success.


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The More Things Change ... (finally getting it)

I'm sitting here, looking out the window, on what has become a quiet, hot Saturday afternoon. The rain falls, the trees sway, the thunder roars and an occasional streak of lighting makes its way across an otherwise somewhat dreary sky. As my Momma used to tell us this is the Lord's time. < More >

Heavenly Gain ... (appreciating a lost friend)

April 1996 was the start of many things to change my life. The twenty-sixth of April I received a page from my cousin to inform me that my best friend passed away just the night before. At that very moment my life was turned upside down. < More >

In Time ... (a little perspective for a new generation)

When was the last time you felt powerless? Have you ever really felt lost? Ignored? Victimized? Forgotten? When was the last time you felt alone? Imagine how overwhelming it would be to feel that way on a regular basis. Imagine the despair… the helplessness. Hard to comprehend being there, huh? Maybe we will… in time. < More >

Changed ... (what's wrong with today's youth)

Let me start out by saying I do not have children of my own. On some levels I guess that makes me just about as qualified as many of the recognized modern day experts on the subject. To be perfectly honest, this is an article I felt I wasn't qualified to write - until a good friend, a mother of two, suggested I do so. < More >

Barbara's Story ... (a soul mate story)

On my short ride to work one morning I turned on the radio just in time to hear a listener call in to weigh in on that morning's topic - the existence of soul mates. The woman committed that she knew without a doubt from personal experience that soul mates existed - because she had found and lost hers. < More >

No Laughing Matter ... (a matter of trust)

My girlfriend doesn't like to be tickled. After a long hiatus, her feelings about it resurfaced once again recently as a major point of contention. While playing around, as we do from time to time, I made the apparently grave mistake of tickling her. In response to the cold reaction received from her, my mood took a one hundred and eighty degree turn. < More >

Meantime Blues ... (waiting for life to happen)

As I sit here this evening on a rare moment that I've allowed myself to forget about work, I know I should be sleeping because I have such a busy day planned for tomorrow, but I'm filled with a realization, as well as some questions about my life. < More >



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