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Author: Angelah


Life covers a range of things whenever it comes,
Whatever it brings good stuff bad stuff,
Anything rings there are losers,
There are kings

But whatever you happen to be
Be it, a freak, a he or a she
It's naturally that way, no matter how you plea
But life is life, however it seems

It is unfair, but it'll be unrealistic
If the world today is as nice as a biscuit
It's a crazy thought, like the mind going ballistic
If it happens then everyone would be mystics

So the best thing to do is to accept what you've got
It doesn't matter if you're pure or not
That is if you wanna be a part of life's plot
If you believe yourself then you're cool for the shot

So always believe that you are happy
And nothing will seem too much that crappy
But if you just can't get that wacky
Then it is normal to be so sappy

For you are still a part of life's phase
Whether you have the appetite or not at all the taste
You still have a role, regardless of the haze
You will still get there, however hard the maze

So whatever path life will lead you to
At the start mostly you wouldn't have a clue
But if you wanna be one of those decent few
Then be the man and forget your woe




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Select a Passage Dealing w/ Life >>>


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