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Being A Color

Author: D Anthony, D-Rose Impressions, 02/01

* Excerpt from the motivational and inspirational book,
The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me... Once *


It started out as a casual conversation. My friend had mentioned in a previous discussion that she was irritated by an interaction with her daughter's teacher's assistant at the elementary school. Her daughter was reprimanded for hitting another student - explaining to no avail she was only retaliating for being hit. My friend had an issue because her daughter alone was reprimanded, with no consideration that her daughter was not responsible for the initial infraction.

Apparently, her inquiries didn't go over well with the teacher's assistant and, as my friend reported it, she needed to walk away before it grew worse. After giving the event additional thought I, a couple days later, mentioned that I felt the teacher's assistant had reacted in just about the only way she could have. She hadn't witnessed the reported initial infraction - thus she had to respond only to what she saw. I could see by her expression however that my logic was not going over well.

I continued "the teacher's assistant was not in a position to believe one child over another or in any way show favorites." "She had to rely on her own eyesight", I added. Getting even more visibly upset now, my friend disagreed, telling me "there is more to the story." You bet there was more to the story… I went on to tell her "regardless of the situation, she was likely just doing her best in a difficult situation." I asked her "what did she think - that the woman had something against her daughter." I told her "no matter how you view it she had failed by not being able to stay and work through the conversation." I guess I really didn't notice how much her body language was changing. But by the time I did notice it was out… Through anger, through tears, she bellowed, "You don't know what you are talking about… she's a racist!"

There it was… It was never about her daughter, the other kid, who was lying and who was telling the truth - no it was about so much more. It was about perceived interactions between the teacher's assistant and kids of other races… it was about an overheard comment made to a parent - and that parent's subsequent discussion with my friend… it was about impressions held by a few parents and even a co-worker or two… it was about the media… it was about past struggles… it was about present pride… it was a lifetime of emotions forcing their way to the surface. Wiping the stream of tears from her cheek she cried, "she's a racist!"

Timing couldn't have been better as she was late for an appointment. A cooling off point was definitely in order. We agreed to finish the discussion later that day. Thinking about the conversation, I was somewhat amazed at the force with which the feelings had erupted. All of a sudden these feelings, obviously deep rooted and ingrained, had bubbled out - past long standing inter-race friendships… past the lessons of a successful career in corporate America… past gratitude for her children's caregivers… past the logic of fairness and doing the right thing. "I heard her tell a parent that their little girl was showing her 'black attitude'… people like that shouldn't be allowed to be around kids… other people feel the same way… and if that makes me a racist, then maybe I'm a racist too", had all found a resting place in her feelings. And I was amazed.

It's interesting that no matter how far things progress, an undercurrent of racial tension seems ever present. Of all of the factors (including gender, age, education, tax bracket, religion, birthplace, height, weight, language, marital status and profession to name a few) which combine to make us so fundamentally distinctive, it is race that typically results in the greatest divide. It is race that stirs up the greatest passion. Why is that? Is it because of unresolved history… fear of that which is not understood… self-doubt… or just plain old ignorance? Whatever the reasons, we will never be what we could truly be as a human race until it is resolved. And the only way it will be resolved is one conscious at a time. Thus, I set out to prepare for our follow-up discussion.

Catching up with her later that day, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. Her outburst, short as it was, had been emotionally draining. And I was a shoe in for the title of 'Person Responsible For Her Headache'. Undaunted because of the importance of the topic, and armed with what I believed to be a more logical approach, I forged ahead - confirming she wanted to complete the discussion.

I asked if she had ever seen the teacher's assistant mistreat a child of another race. "No", was the admission. From the dictionary I read, "a doctrine or teaching, without scientific support, that claims to find racial differences in character, intelligence, etc., that asserts the superiority of one race over another or others, and that seeks to maintain the supposed purity of a race or the races." I asked what word I had defined. "Racism", she responded. "Do you think that description fits the teacher's assistant" I offered rhetorically. I turned to another page and read, "having little knowledge, education, or experience; uneducated; inexperienced." I asked what word I had defined. "Ignorant", she answered. "What are the chances that ignorance more appropriately explains the actions of the teacher's assistant", I continued… "What are the chances that ignorance more appropriately explains your interpretation of the assistant's actions?" Already, I was starting to detect just a hint of doubt. I moved on to my next question.

I asked if, to her knowledge, the kids perceived a different treatment for some. "No", again was the answer. I asked if all of the impact, positive and negative, of her daughter's interactions with the teacher's assistant were tallied - whether the overall impact would be positive or negative. "Positive", was the response. I challenged her to recall any past instances when anyone had assisted her in a flawless manner, no matter how well intended. The undeniable truth is we are all human - which unfortunately suggests we all are subject to saying and doing the wrong thing at any given time. And because we are human, assistance can't be expected to be perfect. The true measure of an individual is not what he or she says and does at any given instant, so much as it is the sum total of their words and deeds over a period of time.

I reminded her of a recent episode of a television show, 'Boston Public', centered on an elderly Jewish teacher accused of being a racist. The last straw was when he bluntly asked a police officer searching the school grounds whether the suspected assailant was black. Prior to the hearing to expel him one of his African American students, a target of one of his questionable remarks, approached the principle in the teacher's defense. The principal asked the student wasn't he offended when the teacher told him, "my job is to get your black a-- in college". The student responded, "no, because he will get my black a-- in college".

When it's all said and done, we were all created as magnificently complex individuals with countless attributes which, incredibly, ensure that each and every one of us is perfectly unique. Personally, I believe the creator's plan was to introduce all of these differences, the constraints and opportunities, to provide us with choice. We have the choice to look beyond those differences. We have the choice to celebrate or to reject those differences. We have the choice to do the right thing. In other words, to quote a D-Rose Impressions passage, "I don't know for sure but based on what I've heard, of the two, hell is more likely to be segregated".

Definitely considering this new information and how it should be incorporated into her thinking my friend was definitely on a different path now. 'Truth be told', I believe she was a little surprised herself at the severity of the outburst - and it's obvious deeply rooted origin. I reminded her that she shouldn't believe the 'hype'. Unfortunately most people are more than willing to accept the latest popular rumor, perception, or opinion - with or without substantive foundation. And seemingly the more negative the better. I was reminded of the philosophical conversation I overheard in the university library between two women of apparent educational status. One woman had spent several minutes building her case that bad always negatively impacts good. "It's the case even in nature… when you rub charcoal and paper the charcoal rubs off on the paper", she explained. To which the second woman responded, "you're right… I never looked at it that way before." Having heard about as much as I could take, I walked over to them and said, "excuse me I couldn't help but overhear your conversation… first of all for argument's sake let's assume that your premise that light is good and dark is bad is somehow valid." I continued, "How do you explain what happens when you rub white chalk against a blackboard?" I paused just long enough to watch both of their mouths fall open and turned and walked out of the library.

I suggested to my friend that a more appropriate response than a discussion fanning the flames with the parent might have been to approach the teacher's assistant. She could have simply indicated she had overheard the conversation and, as a concerned parent, had obvious concerns. Maybe the teacher's assistant would have explained… maybe she would have apologized… maybe she would have been a jerk. Whatever the response it would have given speculation a chance to become knowledge… it would have given understanding a chance to grow.

As the discussion concluded, I offered that as much as young people today speak of words like racism and discrimination, the truth is that most of us do not really have an understanding of what they truly mean. I told her "talk to your parents and grandparents... read up on your great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents - then you'll get an appreciation for what those words are all about… how they look… what they sound like… how they feel." On that day I was able to make an impression on one person - a dear friend whom, I believe, will factor these thoughts into future perceptions and actions. It was a good day.

Michael Jackson has an interesting lyric in one of his songs that goes - "I'm not going to spend my life being a color." Maybe one day we will get past the use of race, and our other God given characteristics and attributes, as criteria for grouping based inclusion and exclusion. Maybe one day we'll see them as the true blessing that make each of us special. For some reason I believe God's favorite color is that of the rainbow.

What's yours?





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Being A Color
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