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Charron And Tinisha,
A Higher Purpose

Author: Anonymous, 08/98

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This article is to honor my first two children, Charron Latonya and Tinisha Marie and their contribution to this world.


Charron, my first born, was a shy, introspective child. She was a protective big sister who orchestrated a lot of her sister's mischief. She loved to chew gum and often asked Grandma for that special treat after dinner, or any other time she could talk her way into a piece. Charron had a soft approach and a bright smile that lit up a room. She was always quick with a hug.

Tinisha is hard to describe. She didn't like it when things didn't go her way, but that wasn't very often. Tinisha had a way of convincing you to do what she wanted. She would lead her Uncle by the hand when she wanted him to get her an apple, even if she already had one in her hand. She had big, playful eyes rimmed with long lashes that stole your heart. It was hard not to let her have her way. She liked being rocked to sleep at night and I liked to watch her fall asleep in my arms.

On January 6, 1985, as a result of divorce and custody dispute, my children were shot by their father. They died one day apart at the ages of three and one-and-a-half years.

In the thirteen years that have passed since Charron and Tinisha were called to heaven, I have often wondered about the life that was taken from them. I think about all the things they never got to do, like go to kindergarten; go to the prom; graduate with honors; go to college; have a career; and raise their own families. But for all the things that were taken from me, I am grateful for the time I had to build the memories I now treasure.

Unfortunately, time has a way of erasing memories, even cherished memories. Over the years I have forgotten the sound of my children's voices. I've lost the memory of how they smelled and the warmth of their hugs. But my children gave me a memory, that because of its magnitude will never be erased. My children, together, donated organs that they would not need on their journey to heaven. They gave so that the twelve people who received them could lead a higher quality of life. They gave eyesight to some who couldn't see; and kidney and liver functions to others whose own organs had betrayed their bodies. Incredibly to this day, their heart continues to beat for another whose couldn't beat anymore. My girls gave these and many others organs they would not need in their heavenly home.

We all want our children to make a difference in the world. My girls have made that difference. Charron and Tinisha have given me and the twelve people who walk with new life, a memory that time will never fade.

Please consider donating the organs you will not need when you begin your own heavenly journey.




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Charron and Tinisha, A Higher Purpose
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Your thoughts on 'Charron and Tinisha, A Higher Purpose'

Thank you for this poem. It was very heart felt and I almost started to cry. I know what it feels like to lose someone that you love so dearly.


I love you. GOD will always let you remember your little ones in his own way...



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