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Barbara's Story

Author: D Anthony, D-Rose Impressions, 03/02

* Excerpt from the motivational and inspirational book,
The Nurse in the Delivery Room Slapped Me... Once *


On my short ride to work one morning I turned on the radio just in time to hear a listener call in to weigh in on that morning's topic - the existence of soul mates. The woman committed that she knew without a doubt from personal experience that soul mates existed - because she had found and lost hers.

Recounting her story, she told of, by chance, accompanying her sister on a trip to the hospital to visit the brother of her sister's boyfriend. She walked in the room to find him in the hospital bed with his arm in a cast. Though the only words to pass between them that day were a pair of hi's - they were accompanied by a chill that went through her body. Carrying the feeling that there was something really special about this chance meeting the following day, she was surprised to receive the word from her sister that he was struck by her and really wanted to see her again.

From the first date it was obvious that they were meant for each other. Each kiss brought fireworks - the more time they spent together the closer they became. After dating for a few months, they were each convinced they had found their match. Then they lost each other.

A few months into the relationship her ex-boyfriend had become a problem. After threats and an attempt at running the two of them off the road, the ex-boyfriend had attacked her soul mate. Fearing any additional trouble and any further harm to the man she loved - she cut off the relationship. A few months later, feeling terrible about what happened and missing what she had, she contacted him to explain. His response was that he was disappointed that she didn't have more faith in him and his ability to handle the situation… to take care of her. They lost contact.

Sometime later she met another man ten years her senior. He was a nice guy who went out of his way to do things for her… to show her he cared. She fell in love with him, married him and they have a beautiful daughter together.

Everyday though, in spite of loving her husband, she thinks about her soul mate - and the closeness… the passion they shared. The two of them have re-established contact as friends - and both concur that things should have been different and they should have been together. Her husband is fully aware of the history between the two of them and knows that if it wasn't for her commitment to their family and him being married - she would probably go back to him in a heartbeat.

After re-establishing contact she discovered that the two of them had purchased a house on the same day - and that each of them had daughters born on the same day of the same year.

She concluded that every time she thinks of him and the feelings they shared together she knows that soul mates exist.

It was about this time, as I turned into the parking lot that the morning show host ended the call - opening the lines up for comments. The first call in… another listener voicing the opinion that the last lady was crazy… how could she love two people… how could she tell her husband… and her husband must be crazy if he knew all of this and continued to stay with her. The other morning show personalities chimed in that her story only further confirmed their beliefs that soul mates could not exist.

And there I was with a tear in my eyes, (I'm a sucker for touching stories) talking to the radio - "You are missing the whole point." True fulfillment in life comes from the believing… the hoping… the longing for something special… something that awakens your passion. Believing in, and caring about, her story not only awakens a part of us - it gives us so much more to look forward to.

Thanks for your story Barbara. I for one believe.





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Barbara's Story
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Your thoughts on 'Barbara's Story'

Beautifully inspiring. I too, believe in soul mates. Thank you for sharing such a touching story. God bless!


I really believe that soul mates do exist... and I too believe you.



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