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Heartfelt Memories and Memorials


What I Would Say

In Memory of Loved Ones Lost...
(That Love & Appreciation We All Come To Know)


At some point in time in our lives, loss is something we will all have to deal with. Whether loss of family... loss of a special friend... loss to death... loss to circumstance... recently loss... or over time - it doesn't get any worse than losing someone you really care about. And whether we were thoughtful enough to tell that person how much they meant to us while we had the opportunity or not, it seems there is always something else we should have said.

Thus this page was created for two purposes. First, it is an opportunity to honor that person and the impact they had on your life. Second, it is intended as a reminder to those who are lucky enough to have special people in their lives to appreciate what they have and communicate their love and gratitude each day.

This is the place to tell that special person you lost what you would say if you could. Only rules for your submission... keep it positive and relatively short. Only rules for everyone else... consider what you have and be thankful...


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I love you and miss you so much. Life is not the same without you. Although I feel you in my heart, I would give anything for a couple of moments with you... to see your smile... to hear your voice... to hug you and know once again the feeling of a mother's love. I'm sorry for the things I didn't understand... didn't do - and grateful for the things I did. I wish I had done more. I hope you know how much I love you. I hope you know that I would do anything for you. Thank you for everything you sacrificed and for everything I am. I miss you and pray to God that I will see you again. I love you. - Dwayne

My Sandman (daddy),

It has only been a month since you left me, and I am not doing very well. I miss you more that you will ever know. Each day that passes, I find myself missing you even more. I just want to see you or hear your voice, or see you smile. Daddy, you are my best friend and I miss calling you every day and just talking.

I am very thankful for the last three weeks that we were able to spend together, all of the family, there with you by your side, I was laying right beside you when you took your last breath and I would not have been anywhere else. You are the BEST father in the world and no one will ever take your place in my heart. I will always have an empty space in my heart for you daddy. You were my strength, my voice, my eyes, my everything daddy and I will always love you. I just want to hear you tell my everything will be ok, because daddy my heart is broken and I don't think it will ever mend. I know momma misses you badly.

I know that you are in a better place, but I can't help but be a little selfish and want you here with me. I love you daddy and will see you again one day, That is the only thing I am sure of anymore.

Your little girl,
Kelli (sweetpea)


No one is ever prepared to loose there mother and when it happens you find so much you wished you'd said or done when they were here with you, just as I am today. I miss you so much and long for one more day, one more day to spend with you and tell you how much I love you. Nothing will ever be the same, how is a daughter to carry on without her mother?

Everyday I think of you and I miss you. I miss the constant support of one of the most caring people I have ever met. Even with you gone, I know you've still been helping me. I love you K, and the fact that you're life got cut so short inspires me to live the best I can. I live a part of every day for you. Eighteen years is too soon for anyone to be taken, but every second of your life you inspired the people around you. I will never ever forget you. I love you.


I am so lost without you. It's only been a week and three days since your passing, but it already feels like forever. You were always there for me and Lil Mike no matter what.You were more than my big sister and more than his big T. I love you so much and I don't know how we will make it without you. My heart is forever broken. I cry every day and I think about you constantly. I am going to do my best to do the things you would want me to do and I will be there for Chigo just like you were for me. Forever Love



Dear: Uncle Dwayne

I know that you may think that I have forgotten about you, but I haven't. Mama talks about you every day... about how much you loved me and how you loved to take me places... about how you used to spoil me. And I'm sad that you had to go so soon. Even as a child I still wasn't ready to say goodbye to you. I love and miss you with all of my heart. We all have a purpose to fulfill in life, but to just see you again one more time it'll all be worth it. I know how much you would have loved to see how much that I have grown - and would have loved to be there for my sixteenth birthday to see how much I have truly grown... and to support me always. Don't worry your girl is still a little soldier and I'm protecting mama and CJ the best that I can. And mama has a new baby. Her name's Aryana Isabella Rolle and she's gonna be 2 on January 6th. I love and miss you but I know from the bottom of my heart that your still watching over me.

From : your little soldier Shay

Death... No one but the dead knows the full extent of it. What really happens after you go? Do you get reincarnated or do you just exist in another realm different from our own? When you lose the one you care truly about, you die a little inside and the truth you cannot hide. But the loss I feel for you is hard to bear. Even in the hard times, I knew you would be there. From when I was a child you've been my guide and I know that even in death you are still watching over and protecting me. I hope that we meet again in the next life. This much I would love. This I pray.

Hello, my mom. how many times did I say that to you? And your response, "Hello, my Kimmie". What I would not give to hear that one more time. Just one... I love you so much. I never did tell you how proud I was of you. I sat beside your bed, and held your hand, knowing in my heart that you were dying. But I could not say the words. I am proud that you were my mom. you made me the woman I am today. And I know you were proud of me. I am just like you, strong, tough and independent. And I know in the days, weeks, months and even years ahead, without you, I am going to need that strength. So mom, please watch over us, and help me to find that strength, that seems lost to me right now. I have learned, it doesn't matter what age you are... when you lose your mother, you are a child that has lost its mom. Rest in peace, mom. You are loved.


I love you so much. I am so blessed that you were my mama. The only thing that makes life bearable is praying that I go to heaven so I can see you again. Thank you for everything you did for me and for loving me. I love you Mama.



I miss you soooooooooooooooooooo much. I am reminded of the good times though. Be it Mommy's stories, Jaeson's eyes, or Amber's hug I remember and I promise to always remember. I love you... always have! Even when I didn't show it the love was always there. And now since I can't hug you anymore or call you when I need advice, that love has transcended all limits that life puts on love. I'm getting married next year, although I am convinced that you tried telling me that b4 u died. I'm working too. I love you and I promise to always remember....

Love You into Infinity,

Dear Dad,
It has been almost 11 yrs. since you passed away and even though I know that you are in a much better place no longer suffering I still can't help wishing you were here with us. We all miss you so much. You were the glue that kept our family together. what I wouldn't give to hug you and tell you how much you are loved. You would so proud of your grand children. There are 11 now. But I think the one who reminds me the most of you is Isiah... as far as his actions. He is laid back and quite but full of knowledge. I love you dad and am thankful that O can say you are my daddy.


You have been gone for 11 days and words can not express the lost I feel. I wish I had told you how much you meant to me... how much I LOVE YOU... how sorry I am for every unkind word I spoke to you. If I could hear your voice one more time... see your hands just one more time... kiss you just one more time. The void in my heart is great - I miss seeing your face. Everyday you were the first person I saw in the morning and the last person I saw at night. I find myself still calling you during my lunch break - I miss you mom! My only comfort at this time is knowing that you are with Jesus... and I thank God for taking care of you.

Missing you... loving you...



You were taken from us so suddenly, it just don't seem fair that I didn't have the option to say how much I love you and give you a loving goodbye hug. There's not a day that goes by that your name is not on my lips and tears are falling down my face. God, Sis you were my best friend, pal, my confident. The only reason God must of taken you is that he must of needed another angel in heaven. I see your face everywhere I go. I can hear your voice in the wind. It has only been six months, but it seems like an eternity. God, I miss you! I will never get over you and my heart has been shattered into a million pieces. I love you so. I find myself crying all of the time. Sis, save a seat for me in heaven, until then please know that without you, I am dead already inside. I love you Sis........

Your Sis Kay

To Ally,

Every day I think about you... when I wake up, when I go to sleep, when I work, when I study... you are constantly on my mind. I wish u had known how much I love you. I wish I could have taken away any pain you were feeling. Now I have to deal with the fact that the last words we spoke were words of hatred. At fist I wanted to be mad at you Ally, I wanted to scream and yell, I wanted answers, and I wanted someone to tell me its all a big sick joke. I dont think i will ever get over you death Ally... how could I?? I miss you so much... I miss are long talks at Starbucks the most. I miss seeing your face. Some day we will be together again and pick up where we left off.


My Skitch,

I miss you baby boy with everything in me. There isn't a moment that goes by or a single beat of my heart that I don't think about you. I'm trying to remember the "good" stuff and all the joy and laughter you brought to my world. I'm so glad I got to be the one to be your momma but, 16 years just wasn't enough. I love you to the moon and back and back again and again honey boy... forever Your Momma

To: Lui
From: Mom

Bebo, you have been gone for almost 3 months now and I find myself lost without you! I haven't learned yet to live in a world without you in it! I do want to thank you for making my life beautiful for 27 years! I am proud to have adopted you when you were 3 days old, my love! That day was the happiest of my life and from that day on we became soul mates and you became the light of my life! No one could ever find a son like you, Lui, you completed me and your dad as well. Please know, Bebo, that we carry your heart in ours! I know you are a special Angel now and I only pray and hope that one day we will all be together once again in God´s paradise. My heart and soul reach out to you, my love, thank you, Lui, for being my son! I am honored by your love and will never forget your love towards me! Your smile, voice, hugs and care stay with me forever, my beautiful son! God keep you safe AND LOVED! Te quiero y extraño mucho, Lui, siempre estaras conmigo y tu papa, Mom

Dear Grandpa,

You are dying now and I cannot be with you. This hurts my heart in the worst way. It was so hard to go shopping for Father's Day gifts knowing that this will be the last Father's Day that you will be with us. I didn't have the closest relationship with you growing up because you were so emotionally distant, but I cherished the times that I did have with you. I love your sarcasm and the way that you can tell stories about how much of a riot you were as a kid. I wish that you could have left this world as a happier man, knowing that Grandma was waiting for you and that so many people loved you! I hope that you die fast and painlessly. I hope that you die with a smile on your face. I hope you die knowing that we love you... and will miss you.


Baby Girl,

This is more for me than for you because I know I can talk to you anytime and you can hear me. You're with Jesus now and I rejoice so much in knowing that, but still my heart aches because you are not here with me. I love you so much baby and I can't wait until the day God calls me home and I see you there waiting for me. That gives me comfort to make it through each day. Thank you for your strong faith in God. Thank you for being the best daughter anyone could ever be blessed with. Thank you for also being the best friend. You knew so much for being only 14. I can only imagine the things you know now. Your life will always be a testimony that I will always share. Your way of being able to forgive others is amazing. I can't wait to see Jesus ask you what did you do with the life He redeemed. I can't wait to hear Jesus say "Well done, good and faithful servant." I can't wait to see those pretty blue eyes and that charming smile again. Until then, you'll forever be in my heart. We'll come to you in God's time Christi, that I promise to you! I love you more than more.




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If I could see you again, I would have given you my last breath. I would have never let you suffer. I would wish the pain you felt on me. But I can't. I decided to let my nails grow out for you. Aren't you proud of me? You said I always bit them since I was a little girl. Well, in the next year or so they will be so long and pretty like yours were. I have also decided to have children. I know you worried about my health, but I'm okay I can do all things through Christ. That strengthens me right? So, since my babies are angels kiss them for me and tell them all I love them. Dad and Stacey are slowly making it. They get sad sometimes, but we all know that God loved you best. He really did. You were so special that he chose you. I'm glad that he saw your spirit. I've been thinking about going back to school and getting a nice trade in finance, since I've always been such a good accountant. Hopefully, I'll be getting married in the near future. Just pray and ask God to lead me down the right path. Mom, keep the real people around me - and separate me from the fake people. I always remember what you taught me. My words could go on forever, but they can't so I will talk to you tomorrow... hopefully. I love you.

To my lovely mom Joan

How can I express the deep void in my heart? How can I explain to someone that my mother and friend is beyond my sight? In my utter sadness, I am reminded of your spirit, determination and courage. Where do I go from here without my lovely light, my fountain of wisdom? You’ve been separated from us so soon and my bitterness is palatable. If only my love could have only saved you, then my tears would cease. Yet, the Lord wanted to grant you peace and shared in the majesty that is you. I won’t say goodbye, I’ll wait until the day I can see you again and say thank you; I love you. The moments we shared can not be replaced but they can be fondly remembered. You had great strength and wisdom; I always knew I could draw from your strength. It gave me courage to take risks, experience life and weather through life's storms. Please be free to enjoy all the wonders laid before you....

May I find a way to shine as radiantly as you.

From Nicole


My beloved son, I miss your hugs every day. Every day I long for you, to see you, to hear your voice again. I am looking forward to that day, and honestly, it can't come quickly enough. You were such a joy, even in the tough times, for your Dad and I. I wouldn't trade the time we had for anything. Our home has not been the same since you left -- it cannot be, and that is sadness present in all of us. I love you, Ryan. And every day brings me closer to seeing you again.

Dear Uncle Lou:

I love you and I miss you. I am scared for Aunt Kelley and for me. Nanny says I handled it well for just being 17 but I don't feel like I am. Please watch over me and Aunt Kelley because we are both a little lost and unsure of how to go on. I love you and miss you. I think about you all the time. I miss our horse rides.

I love you.

Kayla "Waylee"


I am so grateful to have been with the last moments of your life. To have held your hand the way you held mine my whole life.My big sister, my best friend, my biggest hero. I will miss you every day of my life. But you are in my heart always.



I feel I should have talked to you sooner, but I wasn't ready to think about you. I know that our relationship was far from normal, but I hope you do know how much I really did care. I know momma misses you too and I know she will be there really soon and I hope you'll be with her in heaven even though things did not work out here in life. She really did love you. I loved you too. When I think about you, I remember those good old days in Walbridge when momma got in her accident and I came to stay with you. You taught me a lot about life. Even though it seemed I wasn't listening at the time i remember now. I'm sorry for taking you for granted and for acting out as often as I did, but I was young and naive. I know I told you that I was ok but I really wasn't. I missed momma really bad but I couldn't tell you because I didn't want you to think I was a crybaby. But now I know that if I would have told you, you would have helped me and maybe I wouldn't still feel this way now. It's not fair you had to go. I wish we could have built a good relationship. You never even got to see your granddaughter. Please forgive Steven for everything he says. I know deep down inside he really loves you and misses you too. Thank you for taking care of me when I lost everyone else. I will always remember you.

To My Wonderful Daddy,

Daddy how I miss you so very much. It's been 12 years, and I still hurt so bad for you. To some you may be forgotten to others a part of the past, but to me your memory will always last. You gave me life all my hopes and dreams. You showed me how to love. They say that time eases pain but how could this life be the same to me? Time has come and gone and without you I still feel like I don't belong! Oh Daddy how I pray that I can see you someday!

That day that our Dear Lord called you away, did he ask you if you would want to stay? I don't blame you now. I see why you didn't want to stay. I find myself wishing on a star to find out where you are.

I'll remember you always and forever,



It's coming up on three months since I watched you walk out our front door, not knowing that you would never return. I want you to know that you are my best friend, you always have been and you always will be. No one could ever replace you, and no one could ever know me like you do. I miss you more than words could ever describe and I think of you each and every day. I will always see your face in every moment of my life-when I graduate college, get married, have children - when I hear our favorite song, pass by our high school, see our old friends - no matter what I do, you will always be there, right beside me, just like you always were.
Though we had our fights and disagreements, you are the most amazing person I've ever met. I could never again meet someone who could walk in the room, flash that beautiful smile and just make everything okay. This summer was the greatest and I will never forget it. We've made so many memories and I want you to know that they are not forgotten, and they never will be. You've changed my life in so many ways. You were the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for, and if I never made another friend, that would be okay.

Lately, I've dreamt of you almost night. You tell me that there's something I'm meant to do. Case, I don't know what that is, but I know you'll help me find out what it is. Because as of September 10, 2006, my life is no longer my own. You were taken too soon. Now everything I do, I'm doing for you too. I hope I can make you proud. Casie, I love you more than anyone besides you and I will ever know. I miss you and hope to see you again.


Dear Benjamin,

I cannot believe you are gone and I am so very confused about how I feel. I feel angry that God has taken away such a great friend and sad that I can never talk to you, or be with you again. You became one of my best friends over the past 2 years and I love you dearly and even though we had grown apart throughout some months... I am so very glad we managed to pick up right where we left off. You could always make me laugh and you have always been there when I needed you... I love you so much and hope to see you again someday. To my wonderful, dear friend.



Today is 2 years since you left us. God I miss you. Your children are growing so much. How I long to hold you and hear you say Moma one more time. But that is never to be again. We have finally gotten to a place that we don't cry as much as before. Amanda is getting ready to have another baby. It's a girl, Alissa Jade. She misses her sister so much. I wanted you to know the man that took your life will never be out of prison. And for that we are grateful. My heart will forever be broken with you not here. But your memory lives on. I miss you baby girl and I love you. Keep helping us get thru another day without you.

Love Always Moma

Dear Mitchell,

It has only been a month since I lost you. I miss you so much. My heart is broken into pieces. If I could only tell you one more time how much I love you and that I forgive you for everything. No one will ever take your place.You will always be with me in my heart. I love you darling!


To My Grandmother Barbra,

I just want to say that I love you and I wish that I could have saw you one more time... You will be truly missed, I know that you are in a better place but I wish that you were here with us.. I love you always and forever.. From Tishina..


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Christopher Dale Sullivan!!!! Boy we all miss you so Much, I can't believe that you're gone... Smile for me up there boy - ash

For Connie Wayne Tart Jr. aka: "Tizzle"
I miss you so much boy, the day you left us, it changed everyone's world you were always there to put a smile on everyone's face and you always made me laugh and brightened up my day, I never forget all the good times me you and Pizzle had. We all miss you very much but you'll always be on our minds and you'll stay in our hearts forever!!! Smile for me Babe!!! - ash

TrAvIs GoDwIn, My guardian angel, thanks for lookin' out for me in my wreck. I know the angel was you and you saved my life in my 4wheeler wreck.. I miss you so Much, and still can't believe that tragic day!!! - ashley

Hey..went to your funeral today I feel so bad for not taking the time to hang-out we've had some good times hell killer times... you're going to be missed and none of us will ever ever forget you. Please help jess, jake, jacob, joe, rick, sam and savannah get thru this they really need you... love always

To daddy and mommy,
Gosh, I miss you so much and just want one last moment with you all. I want you to hold me one last time and tell me how proud you are of me. Please just tell me that you love so I can hear your voice, say anything. I just want you here with me again. It ain't fair I am only 14 and its been 2 years since yall have died. I want to go fishing and hunting like we used to and go to church and go camping. just come back please, even though I know that you can't I just miss you and cry all the time. I love you and it all may not make since, but I don't want to hurt no

But I still hear you or feel you at times. I haven't been so sad lately, but at times I'm very depressed I really don't know what it feels like still to not have a mother around anymore. Its been two months and two weeks since you've been gone. I miss you and love you and I know you're watching over me and the children - especially D.J. Lord knows you need to... (smile)

But I just want to say hi and make sure when you get a chance to come see me. I'll be waiting.

Love always, Aline.

And make sure to visit the rest of the family (your kids they really need to hear from you)!



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