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A good friend queried me once about the SomethingToShare tagline - 'And the world will be a better place'. Commenting - "that's a pretty audacious goal", he continued... "How can you possibly know when you reach your goal?"

I responded that as I had already received considerable feedback from numerous appreciative visitors about SomethingToShare.com, eagerly willing to share their positive impact and insight that might help others... not to mention the countless more personal interactions I've experienced (on behalf of the site) resulting in elevated spirits, enlightened perspectives, motivated mindsets and/or uplifted hearts - that I was very much assured that, with out a doubt, the goal had already been acquired. All the rest from here, I assured him, was simply 'gravy'. You see, the reality is it doesn't take some incredible, once in a lifetime feat to make the world a better place. Just the opposite, all it takes is a small ripple such as enhancing one's life - that they might not only go on to enjoy a better outlook and life, but also in turn more actively seek to help others. That more than qualifies. And when that's the objective practiced multiple times each day... The ripple can become a wave... an uplifting life-affirming wave that, on a daily basis, only continues to grow.

With that being said, here's a some more gravy in hopes that it will have positive impact in your life and/or the lives of loved ones and close friends.

Following is our (ever growing) list of eBooks, intended to offer perspective, insight and inspiration to those in need of compassion, uplifting words, solace and/or encouragement that tomorrow might be that much brighter, more directed and aligned with your intended destiny.


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1 Dealing w/Death, Loss and Terminal Illness: A Little Perspective and Faith to Help See You Through
A frank and compelling compilation of passages intended to offer solace, hope, perspective and insight to anyone coping with the loss (or immenant loss ) of a loved one... to anyone searching for answers - or in need of a little faith. With a core motivating message to remember just how precious and fleeting our days truly are and underlying encouragement to get the absolute most true happiness and fulfillment in the time we have - this eBook is an equally beneficial wake up call for those fortunate enough not yet to be dealing with this most inevitable of life's strifes. The unfortunate truth is, if it hasn't happened to you yet, it's simply a matter of time. Might as well be better prepared...








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What Our Extended Family Is Saying... >>> In November 2001, my husband of 12 years passed away suddenly. One week before I gave birth to our twins! He left for work one morning and I never got to talk to him again. >>> Your pages bring inspiration not only mentally but spiritually too. Being a writer myself, this really touches my heart and soul. Keep up the GREAT work! >>> So many of these poems deal with my life at this point in time you have inspired me so much more to find a better way in life... thank you... >>> Nuggets of thought provoking stories and learning that teach, inform and even entertain. I truly enjoy! >>> Thanks guys.. your kinds word have uplifted me. and to D Athony, I truly admire your strength and resolve... >>> Your inspiration was wonderful and put a little light on my day. I am 16 years old and I am constantly surrounded by inmature negativity and the idea that life isn't anything more than useless time - I am happy to see I am not the only one who sees there has to be something more. >>> ...I have that kind of tired that you have after you have been crying all day. But after I realized that I was tired, I remembered that there is some place within my reach to help me through a difficult time. That place is this site. I know I do not log on much but it is serving your purpose right now. Thanks keep up the great work. >>> ...I really like "looking" into your heart... >>> ...Thank you... I was preparing to set up a site for my husband. You have provided the support in the decision that I needed >>> ...Your site is compelling, moving and very honest. It touches my heart... >>> I just want to say "thank you" for your wonderful attitude! You have taken a negative situation and turned it around for the good of others and the glory of God. God bless you in your ministry outreach to others! >>> In a World full of negative things, it's nice to go to a place that lifts you up!



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