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Welcome to SomethingToShare! We're here to provide your daily dose of inspiration and perspective - via inspirational stories, poems, quotes and motivational words of encouragement. Even more, we're
here to help foster happier lives - and more fulfilled and purposeful days.

So, let's set any frustration, irritation and stress aside. Inspiration Awaits Us...

Inspiration, Motivation and Perspective
Dealing with Terminal Illness, Death and Loss
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Happiness isn't simply a feeling. No... True happiness, and fulfillment, instead are in fact states of mind. States of mind that only you can control. As a result, whatever happens in the course of your day, big or small, can only truly impact your respective state to the extent you allow. Just think about it. It's pretty powerful once you can grasp it. Inspiration, motivation and perspective is offered here - that you might, each day, cast aside that which weighs you down - and one day soar.

Live long enough and it's 'gonna happen. Sooner or later, inevitably you're going to regretfully be faced with the pain and heartache of dealing with death and loss. The questions will be familiar. Why? How could this be? What else could have been done? What else should have been said? So, whether you're trying to cope with a current terminal illness or death, are endeavoring to deal with a past loss or happen to be wise enough to seek this insight now, to be better prepared - these pages are for you.

Each day is simply too precious and fleeting not to dedicate time to what really matters... the things that can fundamentally enhance your life, and the lives of your loved ones. You can begin to regularly inspire, motivate and uplift yourself, loved ones and the world around you. Today your passionate pursuit for the best that life has to offer can commence. It's time for your true happiness, fulfillment, purpose, passion and inspired living to be moved to the front burner... and to be shared.

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Inspiration will come, but only to those who would be inspired. All others will find only words and missed opportunity. - D Anthony

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Truly motivational words of encouragement for us...

Inspiring Feedback From Some Of Our Many Impacted Guests... >>> This site gave me the strength to tell my story. Thank you so much for this site that is helping people everywhere. >>> I love it! It warms my heart and makes my spirit happy. That is what I needed today. >>> ...I loved my Daddy but didn't ever tell him how much. The guilt will never ever go I know. >>> It really kept me moving. You people are doing a great thing for us workers. We love what you do. >>> I will visit again. Thank you for being there. >>> Yes I was inspired. It helped me a lot to understand what's really important in life and to have the ones that truly care about you and the ones you really love... >>> I love this site. My best friend has lost 2 very close people in a very short amount of time and my heart aches for her. I like to come here and see how other people have responded with their own stories, poems, quotes, just so I can have a better understanding of what I can say to her or how I can help mend her heart a little quicker. >>> I think it's wonderfully uplifting >>> ...I lost my brother this past November and I came to this site to get some comfort... >>> This is a very good website. I enjoy reading your articles. They give me different insights regarding life's problems, hopes and adversities. Keep up the job well done. >>> Thanks for sharing your words in times of need! >>> Life is worth living


Note from D Anthony: This site is dedicated to the memory of a Rose, my mother, and her belief that no matter what this life brings, we must count our blessings, strengthen our resolve, lean on our faith and go right on living. Or, as Mom would so succinctly quote/remind us... "I used to cry because I had no shoes, then I met a man with no feet." Each Day, Be Inspired - Then Aspire To More...

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